Add robotic arms to your testing skills

Marvel universe has always fascinated me, the next gen AI bots like JARVIS and FRIDAY used in Marvel cinematic world had been inspiring me a lot. When I watch them, I even envisioned myself to be a creator of one such AI for self-use.

With more experience and exposure in my field (Digital Quality Space), my vision had turned into a quest, my desire turned out to become “EiNo” (Virtually Interactive Bot in Testing).

EiNo with NLP enabled, would help any tester to perform testing related activities, enable self-learning systems and use analytical tools to predict and recommend. EiNo ensures standardization of scripts and reduce manual efforts.

EiNo aids users to

  • Automatic Framework Development
  • Execute on specific browser and OS combination
  • Ensures Auto Healing of automation scripts
  • Answers to some fundamental testing related queries
  • Validates the web application with respect to NFR (Non-Functional Requirements)
    • End User performance
    • Accessibility
    • SEO
    • Security
  • Ensures proper code quality is maintained
  • Integrates with Test Management tools like JIRA, QTest …etc
  • Creates business flows from production logs

These functionalities are a call away ensuring testing becomes easier and faster.

EiNo do not stop here to ensure we test smarter, EiNo works with time series databases to gather the data, machine learn and represent it, in a meaningful way. So as to predict the future areas to focus on your application development.

This as wholesome package makes tester to test with right tools so that the testing becomes reliable, easy, smart and of course fast.

I would this abstract by quoting that, a good product quality would achieved with a good fail first strategy and a shift left approach mindset, EiNo becomes the right platform for the same.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Introducing the Virtual Assistant (5 minutes)
  • Why we need assistance? (5 minutes)
  • Touch base on Autonomous Automation (Our Vision) (10 minutes)
  • Current functionalities of the assistance (5 minutes)
  • How we could leverage the assistant/Usage/Demo (15 minutes)
  • Q&A (5 minutes)

Learning Outcome

NLP Chatbot, Kubernetes based private cloud, Auto healing of test automation scripts, Usage of Lighthouse

Target Audience

Anyone Interested in Test automation and testing

Prerequisites for Attendees


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    • Srinivasu gangam

      Srinivasu gangam - Zero Touch Automation using NLP (Natural language processing) & AI

      Srinivasu gangam
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      45 Mins

      Problem Statement:

      As part of SDLC process:

      1. Is your product quality impacted due to a smaller number of QA resources available in the team?
      2. Are you waiting for QA resources to certify your code every time when you deploy? Is this impacting your product lead time (Speed to Market)?
      3. Is your Product delivery timelines are impacted due to last minute defects identified?
      4. Do you have your QA resources only in one location, but you want to “follow-the-sun” approach for Software delivery across multiple locations?
      5. Do you have manual testers who are not skilled in programming, but you want them to execute automated test scripts w/o any training efforts and automation setup?
      6. Would you like your team more agile and cross functional with Delivery?
      7. Would you like to increase your QA team’s productivity while they invest more time in script development rather than script execution?

      If answer is ‘Yes’ for above questions, "Zero touch automation" is the solution for above challenges that we have been facing part of SDLC.

      Solution: Zero touch automation with cutting-edge technologies

      In this session, I will cover how we solved this problem using innovative solutions, Cutting-edge technologies like NLP (Natural language processing), AI & Cloud solutions.

      You will learn how AI, NLP integrated with core automation components to achieve Zero touch automation.

      This solution is not just revolutionary, it is paradigm shift in test automation to get results to your email with detailed analysis of failure categorization with recommended actions to users.

      I will also cover how E2E automation will be driven with decisions taken by machines based on what user is looking for . There is no manual intervention in this process. NLP and AI play key role to help machines to take decisions.

      We will also cover how we empowered developer/release manager/any team member/Manager to trigger the scripts from their cell phone and get the detailed execution report without having any automation software installed in their computer or Phone.

      We will be demonstrating how the request will be initiated from User, understand the need from user using NLP & AI , Fetching the code from bitbucket to select appropriate automation scripts , running them on Selenoid/docker server , storing results to MongoDB , receiving email with test results and Failure analysis.

      What is the value of zero touch automation?

      1. Enable speed to market: Now that Developers does not need to wait for QA resource, Changes can be certified quickly and ready to push to production. Lead time will be significantly reduced.
      2. Increase quality: Now that test automation is easy and it can run multiple times in each environment, most of the defects will be uncovered and addressed before code goes to production.
      3. Ease of test execution: Test execution will be very easy, no automation or framework setup required from user side. Test execution can be done 24*7.
      4. Productivity: Increase QA team’s Productivity to focus more on script development rather than focusing on script execution and failure analysis .