Viewing Software through the lens of AI - The impact to software development and testing

A recent study conducted by Gartner, shows that by 2020, AI will be pervasive in almost all software products and services. The major highlight of the study was how our skills as engineers would have to adapt accordingly. The current roles in companies are going to change significantly and we need to be prepared for it. There are areas of healthcare, finance, retail, customer analytics, and manufacturing that have already started seeing positive effects of using AI, many of which we would have never thought possible just a few years ago. At the same time, we have downsides of using AI, such as how it can easily impact our data and privacy if we do not pay attention to how the AI models are trained. The working of AI is a black box-- we do not control or understand how the algorithm forms different relationships and makes decisions -- we just provide different training datasets and monitor the learning/progress. We are trying to make predictions on future values based on learning from past examples, or trying to discover different patterns from datasets. This being the case how do we approach these systems?

In this talk, I will discuss the basics of how AI based systems work, what are the key factors to consider when developing and testing these systems and how to come up with an enterprise wide strategy. I will provide insights into what skill sets would be needed by developers and testers to co-exist in the world of AI. Finally, I will address some common questions and concerns surrounding AI and also show what are the tools available for doing AI based development and testing. This talk will help anyone get a basic understanding of developing and testing AI based systems and make us aware of the key factors to consider to ensure these systems do not have a negative impact on humans.

Key Takeaways-

  • Learn with live demos how AI model training happens
  • Learn how AI is used in software development and testing
  • Learn what AI based tool and frameworks are available for software development and testing
  • Learn key factors to ensure these systems are safe for humans


Outline/Structure of the Talk


Part 1- How AI based systems train and work - 10 mins

  • Discuss basics of AI
  • Show a demo of how AI based training works using open source application - Google Draw and talktotransformer
  • Show quickly Brain.js and how deep neural network training works
  • Debunk some of the myths surrounding AI

Part 2- How developers/testers interact with these systems - 25 mins


  • How to develop/test AI based systems
  • How to do AI based development/testing
  • Tools, frameworks and approaches for both of the above
  • Address challenges interacting with AI based systems
  • How to come up with an enterprise wide AI strategy
  • Future of AI based software development and testing

Part 3- Address common concerns surrounding AI - 10 mins


  • Positive and negative impacts of AI based technology
  • Impact to tester jobs
  • Impact to Diversity and Inclusion
  • AI Safety Research and open source tools to prevent biases in AI

Learning Outcome

Key Takeaways-

  • Learn how AI Based Systems work
  • Learn how to develop and test these systems
  • Learn the strategy and tools available to build/interact with these systems
  • Learn key factors to ensure these systems are safe for humans

Target Audience

Anyone interested to learn the ins and outs of how AI based systems are impacting software development and testing and how they work/trained.

Prerequisites for Attendees




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