On-demand Distributed test infra with Selenium Grid and Terraform

With the fast paced world it’s very important to make the decisions faster and that can be possible only if you have a good test coverage and a faster feedback.
One can use selenium grid on the local systems and achieve the cross browser and device testing which may have constraints with respect to scalability and maintainability, or use SaaS alternatives such as BrowserStack/Saucelabs which fit well for lesser no of tests (gets a bit expensive as we get into concurrent sessions and increase the browser/device combinations) or moreover containerize the automation having the limitations with coverage of IE. How to design a solution to get the a scalable, on-demand, manageable and yet cost effective infra? Selenium Grid along with Terraform and AWS can be leveraged to write the whole infrastructure as code to prevent any human errors and manual intervention. In this talk, I shall take you through the journey of reducing the test execution pain-points in terms of time, resource availability, conflict handling, scalability and state management with a demonstration.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

1. Challenges with the selenium Grid

2. Available solutions to implement the sacalable cross browser/platform tests

3. Challenges with the solutions

4. How Terraform can help

5. High level architecture of the solution

6. Implementation details

7. Demonstartion

Learning Outcome

Learn to implement One click Infrastructure without any manual intervention running on the cloud.

Target Audience

Testers, Developers, Devops

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