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Want to get into WebDriver, but don’t know where to start? Already using WebDriver and want to get more out of your framework? This practical, hands-on, course is designed to help automation engineers with all levels of experience. All attendees will leave with working WebDriver code on their machines and a long list of techniques on how they can successfully use the WebDriver API in their own companies.

This practical, hands-on, course will benefit all experience levels of programming, all attendees will leave with working WebDriver code on their machines and a long list on how they can successfully use the WebDriver API in their context.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

In this session, we will familiarize ourselves with the core features of the WebDriver API.

  • Selenium WebDriver Architecture
  • Open different browsers
  • Finding solid factors for elements
  • Interacting with elements
  • Taking screenshots
  • Waits

In the second half, we will be going into how to get the most out of your testing framework.

This part of the session will give you all you need to start creating some automated tests for your business, exercising functionality in the browser that matters to your business. We will then explore some popular patterns used in writing maintainable browser automation, such as the driver factory and the Page Object pattern. On top of this, we will also explore approaches for executing these tests, running them in parallel and exploring how you could run them on a Continuous Integration server, or in the cloud.

Topics include:

  • Test Runners
  • Data Driven
  • Useful Test Reports
  • Reusing Components
  • Parallelizing Tests
  • Design patterns for Automation
  • Common Practices for
    • Framework design / approach
    • Test Data Management
    • Assertions
    • Running via CI
  • Anti-patterns

Learning Outcome

  • How to explore a web application in the context of automating it
  • Identify browsers to automate
  • Picking an appropriate language for your context
  • Working examples of the basic WebDriver interactions
  • Working code on different browsers and how to use cloud providers
  • Designs patterns to produce highly maintainable automated tests
  • How to navigate the Selenium landscape to find information on your own

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to get started with Selenium and learn on best practices

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • The workshop will be driven using Java as the programming language. However, you can implement the exercises in the programming language of your choice.
  • Below are the software prerequisites for the workshop:
    • IDE (IntelliJ Idea / Eclipse / …)
    • JDK 1.8+ (NOT JRE)
    • Git
  • Clone this repository on your machine: https://github.com/anandbagmar/selenium-deep-dive
  • Import the cloned repository in your IDE as a Gradle project
  • The sample test should run successfully
    • Windows:
      • gradlew.bat clean test
    • Mac / Linux:
      • ./gradlew clean test
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