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Since nearly the very beginning, the software industry has prized the concept of the visionary, the extraordinary creator, the lone person who relentlessly pursues their goal against impossible odds, all to help make the world a better place through technology. The industry also reveres the concept of dedication to the software above all else in the lives of those visionaries. Even those who have chosen to shepherd large portions of popular open-source projects are often seen as people who have a special quality about them that places them above other developers. These concepts are myths and oftentimes dangerous ones.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

In this keynote presentation, Jim Evans talks about this myth as he’s seen it and had it applied to his own reputation in the industry, and how distinctly “not special” he considers himself. He’ll lead you through the dangers and pitfalls of setting others on high pedestals. He’ll also discuss how not to fall prey to buying into the hype for yourself when making your own contributions. Finally, he’ll talk about how one can view one’s legacy in the software industry, and will show you how you can aspire to make the same levels of impact as the so-called “giants” of the software industry.

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  • Irfan Ahmad

    Irfan Ahmad - From Test Pyramid to Test Cup : Evolution of Modern Testing Stack

    Irfan Ahmad
    Irfan Ahmad
    Engineering Manager
    schedule 3 years ago
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    45 Mins
    Case Study

    We all have read or heard about test automation pyramid .But is it really supposed to be a pyramid ? or it's just a metaphor? lets find out

    At this talk we will share our learnings from implementing test automation pyramid for years and its variations finally arriving to test automation cup modal focusing on

    1.Need for growing up from automation testing pyramid

    2.How the modern testing stack has evolved

    3.How to choose and design your automation testing stack

    4.Real World examples from testing to validate our test cup model

    5.How to move from Pyramid to test cup and Our lessons learned

    6.Sharing Best practices ,limitations and patterns for success