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Accessibility Testing is often ignored or placed as the last priority during the web or mobile development cycle. Sometimes a11y testing is not done until a lawsuit gets triggered or your potential customer declines to procure your product because it’s not accessible. Ignoring a11y can cost an organization dearly as it takes more time and effort to fix accessibility issues in existing websites post-release, than creating a fully accessible site right from the start (Revenue Loss). Your customers might be quickly moving towards solutions that are accessible while you go back trying to fix the accessibility issues (Customer Loss). Additionally an inaccessible platform fails to seek the attention of almost one billion people (Potential Prospects) – 15% of the world’s population.

In this 20 minutes session we will discuss about a11y APIs that would assist Quality Assurance engineers with various methods to automate a11y testing against accessibility standards, efficiency that automation tools can bring in making web and mobile properties accessible and how easy it is to automate accessibility testing using open sources API (axe-core engine, API and axe for Android). The attendees will also learn about the ROI that an organization could see by integrating accessibility testing in their QA Selenium framework.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Introduction to A11y and principles (3 mins)
  2. Testing Methodology (2 mins)
  3. axe Chrome extension (3 mins)
  4. axe-core API and steps to integrate with Selenium (5 mins)
  5. axe for Android (5 mins)
  6. Customizations possible (2 mins)

Learning Outcome

  • Know accessibility fundamentals and principles
  • Automating accessibility testing to achieve 40-50% efficiency
  • Using the open-source axe-core API and extension for a11y automation
  • Using axe for Android

Target Audience

Quality Assurance Engineers, Engineering managers and Developers


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