location_city Chicago schedule Mar 29th 02:00 - 02:40 PM CDT place Sauganash East

Selenium 4 and the subsequent smaller 4.x releases have brought a few changes and a lot of great new features into the framework. We now have relative selectors for identifying page elements; the BiDi API/Chrome DevTools functionality to perform such tasks as emulating devices or capturing network requests; but there are also updates on how you can work with multiple windows or use the Actions API in your tests. I will show you all of these plus more to help you be up to date with the goodness of the Selenium framework.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

I will present a list of new features or updates introduced in latest Selenium versions. Depending on how many there will be, i will allocate appropriate time to discuss (and show examples) for each of them. Smaller updates (like what's new regarding working with multiple windows) will take less time. I will focus more on larger topics (like BiDi or Grid).

Learning Outcome

What are the newly available features and how to use them in tests. What are some updates to existing functionality and how to update corresponding tests.

Target Audience

Testers writing automation

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