location_city Chicago schedule Mar 30th 01:55 - 02:35 PM CDT place Sauganash East

If you answered “yes” to the question, then welcome to a world where we will discuss the non-testing use cases for our dear driver (pun intended).  

In this session, we will break the mould, and discuss the various use cases for our browser automation tool. We will start with testing but go on to demonstrate how you can build a poor man’s version of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool with a little code.


Outline/Structure of the Presentation

Fun fact: Selenium’s official website explicitly mentions that “Selenium automates browsers. That's it!” And while many of us might not be aware of the other interesting use cases, Selenium and the WebDriver API can actually be used for a lot of repetitive jobs, which require humans and system interaction.

  1. We will acclimatize the audience by discussing the common use cases for Selenium
  2. We switch things into second gear, by displaying how Selenium can be an integral part of your Performance testing strategy
  3. Over and above testing, can we use Selenium and its siblings for automating mundane tasks like admin updates, site maintenance, reporting or holiday shopping?
  4. Explain the problem statement of automating desktop application from personal experience
  5. Switch things into top gear and show how we used Selenium and its siblings to create a poor man’s version of an RPA tool and automated Oracle ADFDI plugin for Excel
  6. Keep the conversation balanced by understanding what is a good use case versus a bad use case for automation
  7. Q&A from Audience



I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.- Bruce Lee.

The same applies to tools, so while it helps to know a lot of automation tools (like Cypress, Playwright, Selenium and others), what would really help is get exposure to the various use cases for using automation and understand, where it is good fit and where it is not.

Learning Outcome

Broaden the audience’s mindset to look for various applications of Selenium and system automation in general. 

Target Audience

SDET, QA, Testers, Test Managers , Test Consultants

Prerequisites for Attendees

Users should understand basic usage of Selenium

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