Missed Opportunities: When Quality is Put In a Box.

location_city Chicago schedule Mar 29th 10:05 - 10:55 AM CDT place Sauganash Ballroom

Does it always feel like your team is chasing after quality? Are you taking steps to improve quality, but it never feels like it’s moving the needle? Join Erika Chestnut in this talk, where she explores the opportunities organizations miss when they put quality in a box. She’ll share creative ways to break out of the box and expand the role of quality beyond the test step. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to define, develop and drive a culture of quality that is bigger than the box.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  • Problem
    • Break down the vicious cycle of tech diminishing the value of the role of quality
    • Pros/Cons:  Pure test automation teams vs full stack quality engineering teams
  • Socialize Quality
    • Quality is not one size fits all - quality is not a single step
    • Quality opportunities are everywhere
  • Brand Quality 
    • Why?
    • How?
  • Champion Quality 
    • Influence from the left, right, and middle
    • Cross the aisles to build a culture of quality
    • Tell the story of quality: Metrics that matter vs mass destruction

Learning Outcome

By the end of this talk you’ll be able to:

  1. Socialize the full value of the quality team beyond the test step 
  2. Leverage creative ways to make quality approachable and memorable
  3. Confidently champion quality standards, processes, and policies in order to build a culture of quality 

Target Audience


schedule Submitted 4 months ago

  • Ibironke Yekinni

    Ibironke Yekinni - Solving Unemployment in Africa with Testing and Selenium

    40 Mins

    Four years working as a tester in a consulting company, I had learned enough to do well on my job. I knew something called automation but had yet to work on it. Looking around for learning led to realizing there were few people to learn from as unemployment in Africa was blocking access to people with experience. I started teaching and learning through teaching.

    Now 1000+ students later, I teach a basic course on testing introducing automation with java+selenium and an intermediate course with js/java/python with Selenium, Appium, and rest APIs. The market wants automation testers. Automation has become paramount. 

    This talk discusses my dream of removing unemployment in Africa through software testing. Realizing the dream starts with one person, teaching many. Many then speak of their life-changing experiences of joining tech. It’s a story of a hobby on the side of testing work, growing into a training business, and learning automation and Selenium with the students I have taught. 

    Selenium has been a game changer for people. During the Testify programs, Selenium has played a massive role in benching the wheel of test automation, which has helped several novices navigate the waters of automation easily. Join me in ensuring that by 2030, every graduate in Africa no longer has to worry about unemployment through testing and also how Selenium sits at the heart of this very solution.