Golden Master based testing enables fast creation of tests, simple update of
the standardized format using tool support, more complete checking
(including detection of unexpected changes) and tests are much less
brittle—because in case of breaking changes, the Golden Master can server
as a reference for comparison.
recheck-web brings that power to Selenium. In this hands-on workshop you
will install all necessary tools, create your first test and run it both locally and
on a CI server (Travis), ignore volatile differences, introduce real-life changes
(including otherwise breaking changes) and maintain the tests using recheck


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Introduction to theorie
Setting up of tools
Creating first test
Making it repeatable
Maintaining it
Using CI/CD
Answer Questions

Learning Outcome

- Learn how Golden Master testing addresses many of today’s
short-comings of test automation.
- Setup the complete tool chain for recheck-web and work through
a round-trip real-life scenario.
- Be ready to introduce it into your project.

Target Audience

Tester, Developer, Decision Maker

Prerequisites for Attendees

Previous knowledge of selenium and test automation would be an advantage.


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