50+ Tips to Improve Tester - Programmer Relationship

This talk brings into picture a very important person - the programmer & the programming team. Each one of us might have the experience of working with at least one tough programmer. Some programmers are very friendly and help us with finding bugs. Some of them are very strict with their deliverables and do not respond to any queries outside office hours. Some hardly talk to you unless you ask them a question. There are different types of programmers and bring in variety to our testing challenges.

With a rich experience of working with tough programmers, I present this talk to help you. I am very thankful to the programmers, especially the tough ones, as they are the ones who have taught me the most important lessons I had to learn to improve in my testing career.



Outline/Structure of the Talk

We will talk about few important aspects like 

- Bugs

- Assist the programmer

- Communication

- Appreciate good work

- Bring variety to the table

- Bug reports

- Attitude

- Collaborative learning


Learning Outcome

- Improved tester - programmer relationships

- Less friction during bug triage

- Improved approach to overall quality

Target Audience

Tester, Programmer, Test Lead



schedule Submitted 5 years ago