There was a time when the buildings or a house had no doors, and that was because of less number of crimes or thieves or no thieves at all. As time passed, we started having doors, and then dogs to protect against any physical breach. And that was not sufficient, we thought of getting a security guard, CCTV cameras, sensors and more. Now, you see that we live in a world where are more crimes and is increasing. Its the same with the virtual world where your data is at stake. I will be speaking on why security testing is important and what happens if you don't treat it well enough in your testing profession.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • The WEB or The CHAOS?
  • How your data is at stake?
  • How your applications are insecure?
  • Why your data is no more ONLY your data?
  • Kick-starting security testing practice at your organization
  • Utilizing community power for learning
  • Question and Answer / Discussion

Learning Outcome

- Know the importance of security testing

- Making virtual world more safer

- Good practices to follow in software development in terms of security

- Kick-start security testing at your organization

Target Audience

software tester, security tester, information security analyst and anyone who is interested in security!

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