Quality contamination in Agile scrum Teams and the remedies

The main objective of this talk is to highlight the key Quality contaminations and challenges that impact the Agile Scrum Teams and the remedies. It also mentions how scrum teams struggles for Quality assurance while implementing scrum and how defining Quality strategies helps.

Quality contaminations:

  • No QA strategy/Plan or checklist or milestones defined for Project
  • No Gates/Checkpoints defined
  • No Metrics defined, measured and tracked.
  • No Defect guidelines for Defect severity/priority clearly defined.
  • No Defect RCA and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) prepared.
  • Not able to fit QA in same sprint as Development
  • Don’t think before Test- No upfront test planning or defining/understanding of Test cases/scenarios
  • QA part of Development Team- QA efforts not estimated, QA resource considered separate hanging entity in scrum team only responsible for QA
  • No Technical Debt assessment and Reduction Plan

Outline/Structure of the Talk

This talk will be structured as below:

  • Discuss about the various Quality contaminations affecting Agile Scrum Teams listed above.
  • Discuss each of the contaminations in detail and their remedies.
  • Quick Recap.

Learning Outcome

  • Defining efficient QA strategies for Agile Projects
  • Defining Gates as part of Definition of DONE, checkpoints and review forums
  • QA is not designated person’s responsibility, it collective team responsibility.
  • How Automation and techniques like ATDD/TDD helps in in-cycle testing and fitting in QA in same sprint as development
  • How defining Metrics, guidelines and QIP helps continuous quality improvements
  • How technical debt assessment and reduction plan helps in reducing overheads, meeting quality standards and meeting DONE

Target Audience

QA Lead, Test Managers, Scrum Team members , Testers, QA, Product Manager, Project Manager, developers

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