Changing the Definition of Done: The DevOps Evolution of Agile

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Traditionally on agile teams, the "Definition of Done" has centred around the completion of feature development: coding it up and maybe adding some unit tests to prove it works. What happens to our code after that is often a mystery as we rely on Operations teams to work their magic. The advent of DevOps has seriously challenged this traditional view. Teams that embrace DevOps tools and methodologies now consider a feature Done when it is in production, serving its customers - and developers, QA, and other non-Operations people now have starring roles in getting it there. Come find out what DevOps is from both a technological and a cultural perspective, how it allows companies to deliver value even faster to their customers, and how it is the logical evolution and extension of Agile.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. The traditional Definition of Done in Agile
  2. What this Definition of Done is missing
  3. What DevOps is - the 20,000ft view
  4. The history of DevOps
  5. How DevOps fills the gap missed by the Traditional Definition of Done
  6. What DevOps does for you
  7. What DevOps is from a cultural perspective
  8. What DevOps is from a technical perspective
  9. Why Culture is more important to DevOps than Technology
  10. What DevOps looks like for different types of organizations
  11. What DevOps + Agile is like

Learning Outcome

- Understanding of how DevOps complements Agile.

- Appreciation that DevOps is a much deeper undertaking than one might initially think.

- Appreciation for the cultural and organizational aspects of DevOps.

- Advancing knowledge on aspects of DevOps that are not often considered, such as organizational / cultural fit.

Target Audience

Agile Practitioners, DEVelopers, OPerationS, and anybody else who wants to know how DevOps can enrich Agile.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Given the intermediate nature of this talk, attendees should have a basic knowledge of agile principles and practices to fully appreciate how DevOps improves Agile.

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