In a digital world where information is continuously pushed to us and we have knowledge literally at our fingertips...the question arises, “what do I do with this knowledge and information?” or “how do I apply it at work?”. This becomes even more prevelant now with the use of AI for many aspects of our work lives....being able to interpret, judge and determine course of action based on our knowledge and experiences is WISDOM. It is vital and a game changer.

People often think that you must be old and have 50 years of experience to be considered "wise"…I'm here to tell you that isn't entirely true.

Traditionally, wisdom has been associated with older age in most societies and DEFINITELY in business. (I can still remember the day someone told me I didn't have enough grey hair on my head to be doing the work I was doing…).

Modern empirical research has shown us that the relationship between age and wisdom is not consistent. Wisdom is not necessarily the result of aging per say, BUT as you grow older, you tend to gain more life and business experiences…which gives you potentially more wisdom…hence where the traditional assumptions comes from. (Keep in mind though that you can have a lot of knowledge but still lack wisdom). Wisdom really is the application of knowledge…understanding, judgment, and perception…again what to do with all of the knowledge one possesses. Wisdom is achieved through your experiences and could be the result of an innate understanding of the world, an intense 2 years at work or a continuous lifelong pursuit. Through the combination of cognitive, reflective and affective elements an individual can be considered wise regardless if they’re 25 or 75.

Do you need to be an old sage to be wise? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But it can definitely help give you more experiences which can lead one to be wise.

So…are you looking for these wise individuals at work? Have you considered how you can learn from them outside of water cooler talk? Remember these wise people won’t be around forever…understanding them now before they’ve left is a wise decision in itself!

I can’t wait to tell you more! Let’s connect and chat more about it at the conference!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Introductions

2. Story about wisdom in our history

3. Talk with slides and video to support the talk.

3a. Who people typically look to as those with "wisdom"

3b. How do we get to wisdom

3c. Why is it more important now than ever

4. Q&A

5. Close

Learning Outcome

The outcome of this talk will be to have a great awareness and understanding of wisdom, its relevance and its importance in a world filled with too much information.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in changing the way they think and operate at work

Prerequisites for Attendees

Absolutely nothing. This is an informative discussion about the power of wisdom and it's significance as we enter an age of greater advancements in technology.

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