Understanding your needs should drive your agile adoption, but too often companies align to a framework from the start and fail to harness the value of agile. In this session, we will review agile adoption drivers, frameworks that can be leveraged to meet those drivers, and show how adopting and adapting from different frameworks can meet your needs.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

What is Driving your Agile Transformation

  • What are the problems we are solving?
    • Factor in all aspects of overall delivery (e.g., risk management)
  • Which frameworks seem to meet those drivers?
    • SCRUM
    • DAD
    • SAFe
    • LeSS
    • Nexus

Agile Adoption – Engagement of Impacted stakeholders

  • What to expect and conveying it to others
    • Agile adoption is a transformation journey
  • Why do we care what other people think?
  • Ways to engage
  • What you should review

Framework Selection – and modification

  • Yes, you can use bits and pieces
    • Costs and Investments
    • Tools and Infrastructure
  • Scaling vs transforming – what's the difference?
  • What a hybrid framework might look like

Learning Outcome

Understanding of key concepts to consider when undertaking an Agile transformation

Target Audience

Executive contemplating transformation, change leaders, practitioners involved in transformation

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic knowledge of agile.

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  • Rupali Buchake

    Rupali Buchake / Abhishek Rathore - Psychological Safety – A key to unlock High Performance

    40 Mins

    Every organization wants to have high Performing teams. Organizations are ready to invest in tools and processes, but an important factor missed is the 'People'.

    This session will uncover the importance and benefits of Psychological Safety in building high performing team.

    It will be an interactive session to help the audience to share their experiences and ideas.

  • Adam Thackeray

    Adam Thackeray / Laurie McKenzie - DevOps - Building the Delivery Rocketship.

    60 Mins

    Transformation in a large, traditional organization is a journey. A journey of epic proportions. Success, failure and adversity are faced continuously. We will be bringing you an enlightening and raw account about how we applied DevOps practices, built a delivery rocketship and what worked well and not-so-well for us at TD Bank! Come and listen to how TD is transforming the way it works and becoming world-class in delivery.

  • Adam Thackeray

    Adam Thackeray - WISDOM: The Gamechanger in a digital age

    Adam Thackeray
    Adam Thackeray
    Change Driver
    Thack Inc
    schedule 3 years ago
    Sold Out!
    40 Mins

    In a digital world where information is continuously pushed to us and we have knowledge literally at our fingertips...the question arises, “what do I do with this knowledge and information?” or “how do I apply it at work?”. This becomes even more prevelant now with the use of AI for many aspects of our work lives....being able to interpret, judge and determine course of action based on our knowledge and experiences is WISDOM. It is vital and a game changer.

    People often think that you must be old and have 50 years of experience to be considered "wise"…I'm here to tell you that isn't entirely true.

    Traditionally, wisdom has been associated with older age in most societies and DEFINITELY in business. (I can still remember the day someone told me I didn't have enough grey hair on my head to be doing the work I was doing…).

    Modern empirical research has shown us that the relationship between age and wisdom is not consistent. Wisdom is not necessarily the result of aging per say, BUT as you grow older, you tend to gain more life and business experiences…which gives you potentially more wisdom…hence where the traditional assumptions comes from. (Keep in mind though that you can have a lot of knowledge but still lack wisdom). Wisdom really is the application of knowledge…understanding, judgment, and perception…again what to do with all of the knowledge one possesses. Wisdom is achieved through your experiences and could be the result of an innate understanding of the world, an intense 2 years at work or a continuous lifelong pursuit. Through the combination of cognitive, reflective and affective elements an individual can be considered wise regardless if they’re 25 or 75.

    Do you need to be an old sage to be wise? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But it can definitely help give you more experiences which can lead one to be wise.

    So…are you looking for these wise individuals at work? Have you considered how you can learn from them outside of water cooler talk? Remember these wise people won’t be around forever…understanding them now before they’ve left is a wise decision in itself!

    I can’t wait to tell you more! Let’s connect and chat more about it at the conference!

  • Rupali Buchake

    Rupali Buchake / Abhishek Rathore - Agile Product Management Simplified

    40 Mins

    Successful product management is very crucial when moving from project-based organization towards product based organization in the Agile Transformation Journey.

    Most product managers struggle to use the iterative, incremental approach to deliver product in Agile environment.

    This session will focus on what you need to know to convert your Product ideas into meaningful backlog to provide early value to the customers