So you are considering getting a coach to help you in your transition to Agile. Or perhaps you are an Agile practitioner considering becoming an Agile coach. What do these Agile coaches do? What makes them different?

This session will enter the foyer of the house that describes what coaches do and considerations one can have when they think about coaching (including hiring one). Prepare to be challenged and to learn a bit of what it takes to be or work with a coach; it has little to do with courses or certifications, though they may help. In covering what coaches do, one can now begin to think along the lines of what the skills one may need to improve.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This talk will open with an actual coaching exercise (20 min).

It then moves though some helpful models on how to think about coaching based on responsibility that can be used to determine the roles as needed, and other dimensions that come into play. It also steps through various "voices" taken from The Mindful Coach by Doug Silsbee. (10 min)

To make these more concrete, we'll step through some scenarios a coach may perform and review what roles the coach is taking and the vices they may end up using within that role. (10 min)

We'll then explore what Helping means and how it changes the self-esteem of people and discuss the repercussions of imposing help. (5 min)

Closing Exercises/Statements (10 min)

Q&A (Remaining)

Learning Outcome

In this session you will learn some of what a coach does and how you can think through what skills may be needed to be successful.

Target Audience

Agile PractitionersInterested in Coaching or People Interested in Hiring an Agile Coach

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding of Agility through regular practice.


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