Going on a Gemba Walk - One of the most underutilized leadership arsenal in (Agile) organizations

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I call ‘Gemba walk’ the power power walk (power in the sense of its affectiveness). Gemba walk is one of the most underutilized leadership technique in corporations today. In this talk, I will cover the power of Gemba Walk, how it can be used to effectively solve problems and more importantly identify waste in the processes and systematically eliminate them. Gemba walk done right can result in significant improvements in teams’ efficiency and productivity. Additionally, its proper use instills a continuous improvement culture in the organization. I will share my experiences of helping executives and senior management with Gemba Walks from companies such as Nokia, Ericsson, TD and RBC where I have recently been coaching large teams.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • The Art of Gemba Walk
    • Why, What and How of Gemba Walk
  • Top 5 Vital Reasons to Gemba Walk
  • Anti-patterns of Gemba Walk
  • Key secrets to a successful Gemba Walk
  • Real-life examples and their huge impact (both positive and negative)
  • Conclusion

Learning Outcome

The attendees will learn about the power and effectiveness of Gemba walk and how it can be used to fast-forward process improvements and ultimately improve team outcomes.

Target Audience

Executives, Leaders, Senior Managers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and most of all Aspiring leaders/executives

Prerequisites for Attendees


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    Transformations generally are difficult, Agile transformations more so, and then transforming a generally considered traditional department such as a Compliance Department in a financial institute sound like a mission impossible. In this talk, we will share our experience of how we went from unsexy (err non-Agile) department to sexy (err Agile) department with "it takes two to tango". This experience tale is a tell-tale from two perspectives in a single sitting; one from the Enterprise Agile Coach perspective and second is the Director of Technology Strategy of Enterprise Compliance department at RBC, which is undergoing this agile transformation.