The Coffee Mug Paradigm - An Agile/Lean Product Marketing Case Study (Mobile Apps)

The talk covers three start up players who scaled quickly within the Indian food tech industry in the year 2015. It draws out a common factor between the marketing strategies of the three enterprises. This common factor is then fine tuned into a KPI as it is used to analyze and measure the strategies based on data. The entire process draws it’s inspiration from Agile methodologies and the respective ceremonies held as part of Agile. These include ceremonies like retrospects and just in time reviews. The talk focuses on how a product owner/manager can contribute to the marketing/sales department of a huge enterprise/product.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Origin of the idea for the case study

Introduction to the case study

Situation Analysis - The factors considered to start building the case study

Metrics used for the analysis

Introduction to Lean/Agile Marketing

Applying lean marketing to the case study- Data Analysis

Applying lean marketing to the case study - Other factors contributing to the success/failure of the three start ups

Judgement of the case study- What KPI's have been used to decide the winner

Conclusion - Summarization of Lean Marketing

Learning Outcome

Participants will understand

  1. The key factors underlying to product marketing.
  2. How analytics plays a key role in decision making.
  3. How Product Managers/Product Owners can help the Marketing/Sales team
  4. How MVP from Agile plays an important role in product marketing
  5. How measurements like burn down from Agile can help in product marketing

Target Audience

Product Owners, Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Analytics professionals



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