Many of us dream of creating Agile Organizations. Where we have not just Agile practices but an Agile mindset. And the passion and results that come with this. But the approaches we are using are not yielding the results we hope for. Instead we see culture challenges, resistance, leadership confusion and low engagement.

Learn a proven path to high-performance that places culture and leadership at the centre stage. When we use conscious leadership to approach Agile we get deep and lasting results. You will recognize and let go of patterns and habits that may be blocking your success. Often in our desire for success we create resistance by pushing, driving, evangelizing and selling. In their place, discover leadership behaviours that we may demonstrate to foster organizational coherence and engagement. So we may invite people, teams and organizations into growth and high performance.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This is an interactive talk. People participate using poll everywhere with their mobile phones. There are also several points where people discuss in pairs and triads.

The session has been run at a number of meetups and at some conferences.

Learning Outcome

  • A proven path to organizational growth and high performance
  • The leadership challenges facing agile organizations
  • The importance of a strong culture and leader behaviours to foster empowerment and collaboration
  • What traditional habits and practices are holding you back
  • A Conscious approach to Agile
  • Developing organizational coherence (e.g. quality, customer delight, agility)
  • Overcoming culture challenges & resistance

Target Audience

executives, managers, Agile coaches, Scrum Masters

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic understanding of Agile is helpful but not required.

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