Managerial innovation, novelty of the moment or necessary re-balancing of an inefficient managerial relationship?

Managerial innovation seems to be present in all conversations as well as in all conferences. Besides, I talk about it and I think about it all the time these days. Today I wonder if we are "innovators", "inno-boasters" or "restorers" of the managerial relationship ?

What is clear is that the role of the manager must evolve and refocus on the human and that for that, new skills are needed. These skills are also often just "hidden", "buried" in us, and to allow them to resume their place, support is needed.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Managerial innovation : a restoration of the managerial relationship

Innovators, inno-boasters or restorers ?

Managerial Innovation : Efficiency vs. Performance

Managerial innovation : the role of the manager must evolve in order to face a temporal incoherence and meet new needs

New skills needed by the manager : emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility

Managerial innovation : keys and tools that are not enough if used alone

Learning Outcome

Use managerial innovation as a tool, for balancing a lost and inefficient managerial relationship, that will only work with a social and a mentality change that requires accompaniment.

Target Audience


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