Imagine your business stakeholder has an idea. In a classic approach, you help create a business case, with lots of information that is based on, honestly, assumptions. Because even with the best of intentions and a detailed up front analysis, we cannot exactly predict the future.

In an agile approach, we accept there’s a lot we don’t know up front. So how do we (help) estimate the project? What’s the agile alternative for following up on scope, time and cost? How can we stay in control without sacrificing flexibility and responsiveness to changes? And what is the BA’s role in all this?

Together with Damien, we will discover that agile is not in contradiction with scope management, budgeting and control. Rather, it can lead to more transparency and visibility, and help us get to better business decisions more easily.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Storytelling with characters and a clear storyline

Learning Outcome

New ways of working, shifting from business cases to MVPs

New budgeting thinking, new ways of working

Target Audience

Anyone interested in the impact of agile on value management and budgeting, roadmaps and follow-up of projects

Prerequisites for Attendees

People interested in shifting from the conventional financials and budgeting business cases to agile methods

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