The Uncompromising Artist: A case study of collaboration in film franchises

Collaboration is the key to any successful team effort. Agilists worldwide are constantly confronted with corporate barriers that are never easy to navigate and have a direct impact on their ability to coach and help their teams and organizations transform they way they work and the way they lead.

Our challenges are no different from those faced in many other industries, in fact, they are quite similar. One that has caught my attention was the development of serialized films focused around superheroes, namely the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Even with very little knowledge of the ins and outs of film making or the studio systems in which these two franchises have been developed, it is no secret that Marvel Studios has been the most successful of the two with 23 released films including the highest grossing film of all time: Avengers Endgame.

DC, on the other hand, has stumbled through a myriad of development challenges, conflicting visions and mixed receptions from both fans and critics that have resulted in a complete overhaul and change of management and creative direction.

Agilists many times feel left alone in their daily corporate battles, but maybe there is something we can learn from the creative paths of the directors that started the journeys of these two film franchises.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The presentation is very straight forward. It covers the journeys of the two directors that started the MCU and DCEU and their current involvement with those two franchises, the studios and the parent companies with a closing segment in which I will present what we can learn from their respective experiences.

Learning Outcome

It is important for agilists to understand the corporate environment and make the most out of it. Most of us work in large corporations where resistance to change, bureaucracy and leadership can become very real obstacles in our path.

We very much operate in a "Studio System", the multi-million dollar projects we support are not small, self-financed independent films where the director gets to do whatever he wants without any executive interference. We need to understand this reality and learn to communicate, collaborate and work with all levels of this corporate structure. Movie Studios and corporations, while not always right, have a genuine interest and stake in our work and how we go about it, and if we learn to work with them, we might just become the facilitators that we are meant to be.

Target Audience

Any one can attend.

Prerequisites for Attendees



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  • Shahin Sheidaei

    Shahin Sheidaei - It All Starts with a Question, a Powerful One!

    60 Mins

    We enjoy having conversations. Who doesn't? We are social animals after all. We like to know more about each other's stories. It is a feature built-in by default. As coaches, it is vital to use this basic instinct to our advantage. The easiest way to influence people is to have a conversation with them. You can use it coaching, mentoring, transformation, or just building a relationship with them. Can you imagine any of the above not to start with a conversation? I can't!

    Conversations are two-way streets. The easiest way to have a two-way communication is to ask questions. Questions can be dumb, unrelated, out of ordinary, crazy, or even beautiful. Can they be efficacious too? They can! An excellent communicator knows how and when to use Powerful Questions to make any conversation a mighty one.

    Powerful Questions generate curiosity in the listener and stimulate thoughtful conversation. They are usually thought-provoking and challenges the underlying assumptions. Powerful Questions, if asked in the right tone and body language, generates creativity and new possibilities.

    Is it hard to ask Powerful questions? It might be. It is not that easy, and indeed not natural for everyone. The good news is that it is something that can be learned, and relatively very easily.

    I invite you to join me for a workshop on Powerful Questions. In this workshop, I am going to help you build your muscle to ask more Powerful Questions. I will give you an easy tool to make your questions more powerful, and conversations more enriched. Asking powerful questions will help you build bridges with people, you would become more empathetic with them, and do not be surprised you are going to listen more. Some of the characteristics of a great coach, one might say! Don't you agree?