You have diversity, but what about inclusion?

Diversity is a source of strength for teams and organizations. Given this, why do so many companies talk about diversity and do so little with it? The problem is, diversity without inclusion is like being invited to the party and not being asked to dance.

Diversity is a hot topic. Unfortunately, if you only talk about diversity, you are missing out on the opportunity diversity can provide. You also need to develop inclusion strategies to tap into the strengths of your team’s diversity.

What is the difference between diversity and inclusion? How do you identify the opportunities available in the diversity of your team? How do you create an inclusive environment to capitalize on the diversity of the team?

Join us to explore these questions and more. Let’s dance.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop


This will be an experiential workshop, allowing participants to experience diversity and inclusion. The basic flow of our presentation will be:

  1. Introduction to the topic and why it is important
  2. Definition of diversity and inclusion
  3. Diversity is like an iceberg - there is what you see about the waterline. However, there is far more you do not see
  4. How to create and work with inclusion
  5. Wrap-up & call to action for participants

Learning Outcome

  • Participants will leave with a clearer understanding of diversity and inclusion, and the power and benefits of embracing both
  • Participants will be empowered with practical tools for working with diversity and inclusion
  • Participants will leave hungry to start talking with their teams about diversity and inclusion

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees


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