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The Agile Manifesto says “Build projects around motivated individuals.” What? Motivated people are a prerequisite for Agile and Scrum! Without motivated, energized people, self-organization is a recipe for disaster. Scrum makes the level of function of a team very visible so it can be improved. Many of us face situations where teams are not 100% passionate and motivated.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how employee disengagement is a common challenge. We outline practical steps to diagnose and create experiments to foster a higher performance work environment. Of course, part of the path to success is understanding some of the key traps that kill motivation. Key topics include Theory X-Theory Y, Gallup Engagement, and Red List. Get ready to unlock your teams!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Gallup Industry Research on Employee Engagement = Huge Performance impact
  2. Link to Agile via “Consciously Approaching Agile” model
  3. Exercise with Theory X-Theory Y to assess people and self.
  4. Exercise with assessing impact of “Modern Management” of engagement to understand challenge to overcome.
  5. Exercise with Gallup12 Questions to link to performance
  6. Applications of Gallup12 to team retrospectives
  7. Crowd-Source Agile Mindset Definition and implications for our own behaviour.
  8. Use resistance demonstration to illustrate the concept of Red List-Green List. Exercise to explore implications for team

Learning Outcome

  • Assess motivation using Theory X-Theory Y model
  • Awareness of key metrics for engagement (Gallup 12 Survey)
  • Able to identify key challenges needed unlock people
  • Identification of behavioural traps that kill motivation (Red List)

Target Audience

Managers, Execs, Team Leads, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some practical experience with Agile will help (although it is not required)


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