My Quest for Business Agility – the good bad and ugly of lean agile and DevOps transformations

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Are you stuck in an agile transformation? Are you chasing team velocity without seeing any business impact? Do you manage an 18-month long roadmap, committing to 25 OKRs and shoving new features down the throat of your customers?

Maybe it is time to rethink your approach!

It has taken me over a decade, to make the transition from improving manufacturing environments with Lean, to conceptualizing agility within software and hardware organizations.

Asking the hard questions required to create quality software, faster, often rubs people the wrong way…. but without those questions you’ll keep hiring scrum masters who end up being JIRA admins and going through agile motions without winning the true benefits of lean agile and DevOps – necessary to drive business agility.

In an age of disruption - the balanced mix of agile, lean, design thinking, lean start up, lean UX, OKRs and DevOps injected to high performing teams is crucial to business agility.

We discuss the essentials of successful change initiatives:

  • Digital transformation must be simple - Team agility without technical practices and continuous integration is wasted effort;
  • Scaling agility is counterproductive when the culture of team empowerment is not retained and focus on fast iterative feedback is missing;
  • Value stream mapping of your deployment pipeline without a plan for Toyota Kata of continuous improvement is just another one-off workshop; Success hinges on soak-ability!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Presenting progression of coaching and consulting experience - various industries - countries - showing the lessons learned - mistakes and blunders as well as successes - and ongoing building of knowledge through experience - leading to current work as agile coach

Discussing the challenges, client objective, solution and lessons learned

Based on culmination of work - as seen in the recent LinkedIn post that went viral - see link below.

Learning Outcome

Allow me to share Anchors of Simplicity, Mainstays of Scalability, Tell-tale Signs of Soakability, a journey across continents, numerous clients and many industries on a quest for business agility.

Target Audience

Agile thought leaders, teams, product owners and anyone involved in a change initiative

Prerequisites for Attendees



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