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Many agile talks are about the benefits of cross-functional teams and integrating them with your business and changing their structure to better align to the value delivery. And amazing things happen with you get all of this stuff working together. There are industries and organizations that can't do this. Not because they don't want to or that they are not interested in the modern ways of working, but because they don't have the skills in-house and the cost of bringing all of those skills into the organization are inhibited by constraints of one sort or another.

The use of contractors and outsourcing of IT development was a major push for many years as businesses focused on their core capabilities. Industries like government couldn't compete with the marketplace for IT skills and so turned to contractors to fill the needs in many organizations. Now, these same organizations feel they need to bring the modern agile ways of working to their organizations. So how do they actually get the benefits of modern agile ways of working and delivering products while continuing to use contractors for most of the work?

This talk will focus on 3 areas of achieving most of the benefits of modern agile work while continuing to use contracted work. First, how to decide what to outsource. The decision of which pieces or work to use contractors for is the most important. Second, how to actually hire contractors. The procurement process can be evolved to be more agile and to encourage finding contractors that will drive toward the desired collaboration. Finally, how to manage and work with contractors. The day to day grind of working where real delivery will be accomplished.

Getting benefits from an agile framework and delivery is important and can still be achieved when some of the work is outsourced and the importance of defining and finding the right contractor are vital to achieving the desired success.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction of myself

Overview of agile guidance for teams and team formation

What types of outsourcing make sense in an agile world?

Table exercise with different levels of outsourcing and finding benefits and issues based on the general agile guidance

Discuss exercise and what types of outsourcing make sense when

Procurement introduction

Partner exercise: Sell by telling what a great artist you are. Then sell by drawing to show what a great artist you are.

Discuss procurement exercise and how that applies to IT - what kinds of things can be done to bring this to your contracting activities

Managing contractors introduction and discussion with group discussion of metrics and what different metrics can mean and which are most valuable in measuring contractor performance.

Synopsis of when and how to outsource while still getting value from agility

Learning Outcome

  • What parts of an organization/IT development can/should be outsourced
  • How to find a good contractor when outsourcing is the right answer
  • How to get agile benefits when in an outsourcing relationship

Target Audience

Anyone who cannot do all of the IT internal or who sells IT to other companies

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic agile knowledge and implementation of agile teams

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