The Scrum guide specify specific roles, ceremonies, and artifacts. Initially, and after going through the official training, aspiring Scrum Masters assume, "this is so simple" I am just ready to go and start working.

But "surprise, surprise" after getting your dream job you realize that you have more questions than answers. You struggle to navigate very uncomfortable situations such as: justifying your value to your organization, resolving team problems.

Come and join this session to hear about some tools that you can add to your toolbox that will make you a better version of yourself. You will be able to make a difference and show your actual value to your organization and improve your reputation as a professional.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Part 1: Introduction and problem analysis => 20 minutes
  • Part 2: Game time - Identifying an approach outside the "box"=> 10 minutes - (Game Description: Scenario/Decision based, participants will use their "Scrum Master" skills)
  • Part 3: Retrospective & linking what we learned with real-life application => 5 minutes
  • Part 4: Q & A: 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

  • Improve your skills as a scrum master
  • Prepare yourself for some tough conversations
  • Differentiate yourselves from other scrum masters in the market

Target Audience

Individuals trying to get better as Scrum Masters

Prerequisites for Attendees

Willingness to learn and share.


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  • Brock Argue

    Brock Argue / Erkan Kadir - You Need to Change - Start Here!

    60 Mins

    Your team has hit a plateau in their performance and is no longer improving at the pace you are used to. You, as their leader, are racking your brain to determine what the issue might be. What would cause such a team to stall out. Have you considered that the cause might be you?

    The level of consciousness of an organization cannot exceed that of its leader. (Frederic Laloux). Enabling your team to reach ever higher levels of performance requires that you do so first. In this workshop, we will guide leaders through the Immunity to Change framework developed by Robert Keagan and Lisa Lahey and demonstrate how the Immunity Map can be used to catalyze change in your leadership. Participants will practice using the Immunity Map to identify areas of improvement, limiting beliefs, assumptions and behaviors that are holding you and your team back from higher performance. You know that you need to change. Now’s the time. Start here!

  • Sue Johnston

    Sue Johnston - Make Meetings Make Sense (Even when You're NOT the Facilitator)

    60 Mins

    “We can’t make decisions or agree on priorities. So, we have the same meeting over and over. Literally, the same meeting.” If that could be said about your workplace, this interactive session is for you. Learn simple strategies and ideas for meetings that matter - those you run or those you attend.

    Too many bad meetings. That's one of the most common sources of workplace whining. Today, especially in software development and delivery, our work is too complex for one person to make all the decisions or know all the answers. Everyone's contribution is needed. So, we have meetings. And some are a painful mix of frustration and boredom. When we can’t make decisions or agree on priorities, we have the same meeting over and over.

    When we're the one hosting the meeting, there are lots of facilitation techniques we can employ to keep the discussion on track, on topic and on time so we can reach good decisions and plan effectively. But what if it's not our meeting? What can we do when we're not in charge?

    Join Sue in exploring some simple techniques you can use at your next meeting to make the experience better for you - and for others who attend.

    This new talk is inspired by several years of leading the workshop, Facilitation for the Agile Workplace, accredited by ICAgile. Learners often wonder, "What about the meetings where I don't have control?" It draws on communication and facilitation techniques I've used in a long career in business and tech. Sources will include "Mining Group Gold," "Facilitating with Ease," "Liberating Structures," and "Leading Geeks."

    It's an interactive session with an element of play - a simple board game with dice and cards.

    By the time of TAC, I will have presented this session at PRDC Deliver and will have had an opportunity to tweak it, based on that experience.

  • Brock Argue

    Brock Argue / Erkan Kadir - Get Buy-in Now!

    90 Mins

    Have you ever struggled to gain buy-in from your boss, a stakeholder or an executive for a key direction or product decision? Do you have good ideas, but find that no one is listening? In this 90-minute workshop, you'll learn how to meet executives on their level, build rapport by using their language, and create an elevator pitch to gain buy-in for your ideas. You'll leave this workshop with a strategy to analyze stakeholder needs, a formula that lays out information in a way that grabs and keeps executive attention, an elevator pitch you can use in your work and an action plan for delivering your pitch successfully.

  • Mariete Sequera Hernandez

    Mariete Sequera Hernandez / Savita Pahuja - Is my Scrum Master hiring process right?

    40 Mins

    One of the first actions organizations follow after deciding to jump into an agile transformation is assembling an agile team. To come with the "team" a hiring process begins. The hiring managers rush to pick the people following a generic profile of the ideal members.

    After some time the selected candidate decides to leave you earlier than expected, generating high levels of stress across the project to was he/she was allocated. In other cases the organization is “forced” to keep the person as part of the team even though the performance of the employee is not the desired because of the person’s replacement process can be very complex.

    In this workshop, we will share some tips to find the “perfect fit” for your organization. Furthermore, we will learn the power of asking the right questions at the right time so that your organization can get the right fit for your team.

    Join us and learn how to improve your hiring process and start enjoying the benefits of finding the right people in your organization.

  • Savita Pahuja

    Savita Pahuja / Mariete Sequera Hernandez - Becoming a Superhero Professional via generating self-awareness

    60 Mins

    Are you the one who is aspiring to achieve success in your career? Are you the one who is trying to change the role or want to have a promotion? Are you too busy to be a successful professional? So, you have two options in life: strive to achieve your dreams, or keep dreaming. This session is for those people who strive to achieve their dreams.

    For a while, Industry is improving as per market standards so as the employees working in those corporates. People focus a lot on their technical skills and assume this is the means for further development and growth. That is true but not the only way to achieve success.

    Personal development is not only about improving technical skills but also soft skills. At the same time become a better person, team player, and a leader. You can achieve great success if you have self-awareness of how you are performing.

    Self-awareness works at different levels: emotional, tactical and edge behaviors. Let’s explore together different techniques that will help you to achieve your goals.

  • Cherie Silas

    Cherie Silas - Forget Climbing the Ladder - Take the Escalator to Success!

    40 Mins

    Ever wonder if climbing the ladder of success is really worth it? So much competition. So many people to out-perform. So many people to compete for to get the best jobs, the highest raise, the biggest bonus. And that frustrating bell curve! There's a better way. Forget the ladder! Take the Escalator instead.

    In this talk I will share my personal experience with the uselessness of climbing the ladder just to find out that you have reached the top only to be miserable and alone. What I have learned through countless experiences in my career is that ladder climbing is a futile way of progressing. There is a more powerful, effective, and satisfying way to achieve success. Take the escalator instead.

    The escalator turns what doesn't seem to make sense -- helping others succeed, helping your competitors win, giving away what others are selling - into your golden ticket to success. Join this talk to understand more about why the ladder method does not work long term and how the escalator model can bring more fulfillment, greater rewards, and financial security without the stress.

  • Savita Pahuja

    Savita Pahuja / Mariete Sequera Hernandez - Considerate Leaders Who Coach

    60 Mins

    This is a known fact that most of the people leave managers not companies. So why do people leave because of managers? Are we missing an important skill in managers’ profile?

    This is an important puzzle to solve if you want to grow as a good leader and have a positive impact on your teams. Come and join this session to unleash your leadership potential through coaching skills. We will discuss easy to learn coaching skills that can be incorporated in your one to one sessions with employees or your day to day conversation with the team.

  • Deb Dash

    Deb Dash / SAURABHA RATH - Finding the new "YOU"

    60 Mins

    About the session: -

    Finding the new “YOU” - through reflective coaching

    Have you discovered your true self yet?

    Despite our diverse backgrounds, we all have one thing in common and that is our life journey map. The intensity of our experiences on this map may differ to some extent, however the similarities of characteristics of the map might surprise us. We all have our high and low points. These points leave impressions in our mind that largely define our identity and our reactions to any event around us.

    We tend to view the world from the lenses of these deep impressions. Therefore, we unconsciously allow judgement, biases to overtake our pure intelligence. We suffer a world of chaos, stressful, negative and become suspicious of every events or may be we are just holding a mirror projecting ourselves :).

    This leads to self-introspection and emergence of below questions:

    • “Why do I feel disturb sometimes for no specific reason?”
    • “Does the workplace have to be always stressful and noisy?”
    • “Is there no simple approach to solve complex problems or big change?”
    • “Why I love to go to some meetings but hate other meetings?”
    • “Do I have to create lot of noise to be heard and get promoted?”
    • “Why do we always have to get into conflict, how can we avoid?

    Do you wish someone can answer your questions?

    We invite you to join our workshop "Finding the new YOU" where we prepare you for the most awaited (much needed) journey. You will find your answers experientially. The bigger question is "Are you ready?"

    Structure of the session:

    The speakers will highlight how the transformations program face resistance at all levels (Organization, Team and Individual). Then, speakers will demonstrate how answers to above questions are critical and play key role in enabling any kind of transformation including agile and digital.

    The last part of the session will go deeper into carefully connecting how individual transformation is essential before we try to tackle an organizational transformation. Also, how can we create a revolution of individual transformations within the organization that will accelerate organizational transformations.

    This 45 minutes require the participants 100% presence and participations. We encourage participants to challenge some thoughts as we are experimenting these methods as well and would like to share and continue to sharpen our approach.

    Who should attend:

    Are you curious? Are you facing a lot of resistance and challenges as you are trying to bring a change in your organization? Do you want to focus on your new “YOU”? Do you want to sharpen your coaching skills? Do you want to increase your self awareness?

    If your answer to any of the above question is YES, then you will find this workshop extremely useful. We will provide you proven tools/techniques to help you in finding these answers.

    What’s in for YOU as change leaders:

    • A key to unleash your true potential within
    • A key to maintain your balance and composure in conflicting situations
    • Getting Self-awareness for balance and composure (I think we have addressed this in WHO Should Attend place? What do you think)
    • Being Creative rather being reactive

    About Us:

    Deb and Saurabh are coaches by passion and in IT world for around 20 years. We have written many success stories while working leading businesses such as Bank of America, American Express, Aetna, UHG, NCR, General Electric, TD Bank, Bank of Montreal, Johnson & Johnson, Bombardier and few more.

    Our Mantra – Life lessons are the best learnings and coaching is not only about talking.