A Bad Workman Blames his/her tools

Every year I submit this as a talk and every year its rejected. But I am sucker for punishment. Jira has gained a reputation of sorts for being an issue for some scrum masters who deride it. But I say that it is the product of the input of over 100,000 teams and has a third party app population of 3000. So I would like to highlight not the tool itself, so much as the things we see teams do who are not using it properly and who also depart from best practices. Examples of this are burndown charts with no end point or version, giving points for defects, planning too many sprints ahead, many things that we would all expect not to be seeing. The vast majority of attendees at the conference probably use Jira and I think its about time we devoted some time to how to get the best out of it, rather than ignoring the elephant in the china shop... From a coaching perspective because we can see projects in flight we can also cover a lot of ground quickly as to how teams are performing. If you would like debate I am up for that too!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1 Intro - what's the problem - its just a set of tools

2 Things we see teams do that probably could be done better and by the way Agile process is the real driver not the tools

3 What the tools don't do - the need for a strong scrum master more than ever

4 Some hot tips

5 Transparent coaching opportunities

Learning Outcome

1 Stop blaming the tools - get more out of them

2 Leverage tools to improve the team faster

3 Appreciate that the Atlassian tools reflect a very large user population and their input

4 Invest in properly supporting tools

Target Audience

Anybody who uses Jira and who wants to use it better and get the most out of it

Prerequisites for Attendees

Because we think that Jira is installed in most organizations to support Agile probably not a lot. If the participant is unfamiliar with Atlassian tools there are a lot of videos on line so go check it all out.

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