Organizations are spending in some cases billions on transformations...and the end result is that they are no further ahead in their ability to respond to the demands of their customers and partners than before the started their journey.

Also there is a general level of fatigue with Agile as people have grown tired of its overuse and applying to anything that sounds like a great marketing tagline.

Join me to chat about why transformations continue to fail and what to do about it.

Transformations begin, live and end with the leaders of organizations. They take time and investment.

Learn about the power of understanding the problems you're actually trying to solve, seeing the existing and future work end/end in your organization, fostering true collaboration and transparent communication and building lifelong learning into the fabric of your organization.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The structure of the presentation will be in a story format...walking individuals through the key aspects of why transformations can fail and what’s required to drive their success.

Learning Outcome

Understand what leaders and practitioners can do to ensure successful transformations within their organization.

Target Audience

Leaders. Practitioners. Evangelists.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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