Stop Doing Agile & Start Being Agile: The Behavioral Science Behind Unlocking the Agile Mindset

“We’re doing Scrum so we’re Agile now, right?”

Does this sound familiar?

Many organizations have embarked on an agile transformation with the intent to become more customer centric, reduce costs or increase speed to market. Selected teams implement agile frameworks, yet, after months and even years, they fail to see the benefits of agile. Why? While adoption of tools and ceremonies helps shift ways of working, it does not necessarily unlock an Agile Mindset. “Doing agile” is not “Being agile”.

“Being agile” manifests itself through a team’s innovation, resilience and adaptability. These characteristics cannot be achieved through a simple shift in processes and tools. They represent significant behavioral and mindset changes, which are the hardest changes to achieve.

In this talk, we’ll uncover the science behind changing behaviour and mindset, and show how this can hold teams back from unlocking the Agile Mindset. From identifying key cognitive biases to sharing how to nudge agile teams, we aim to bridge the gap between Doing and Being agile.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • The Pursuit of Agile – Today’s Hot Strategic Agenda
  • Why Doing Agile is not Being Agile
  • The Criticality of Unlocking the Agile Mindset
  • Cognitive Biases Hindering Real Change
  • Tactics for Nudging on Agile & Unlocking the Agile Mindset

Learning Outcome

Attendees will understand:

  • How the Agile Mindset fits into the strategic Agile Transformation agenda
  • The difference between Doing Agile and Being Agile
  • How to define and identify an Agile Mindset
  • The role of behaviour in unlocking the Agile Mindset
  • What cognitive biases are hindering individuals and teams from Being Agile
  • How to help debias teams and nudge them towards unlocking the Agile Mindset

Target Audience

• Organizational leaders (Senior Executives, Management) • Team leaders • Scrum Masters • Product Owners • Anyone looking to better understand the true meaning of Being Agile and how to achieve it

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic understanding of the Agile Manifesto

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