Coaching is a useful skill that anyone can learn and apply, whether you are an Agile Coach or not. Explore the coaching mode of Agile Coaching with six fun games. In “Flash Card Coaching,” you will witness the power of powerful questions and the value of coaching by using only preset questions to do a full coaching session.

There are three categorization games where you will work together in small groups to learn about powerful questions, giving advice as a Coach, and the differences between the 4 modes of an Agile Coach.

Finally, there are two “Choose Your Own Coaching Adventure” games. These are just like the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” games. Your choices lead down a path that either leads to a successful coaching outcome or an unhappy coachee. Each unhappy ending comes with an explanation and you can always back up and try again.

All of the games will be provided as free downloads for participant use.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Session Structure

The instructors will roam the room to answer any questions that arise during the activities

2 minutes: instructions on how to do "flash card coaching" game. All of the cards in the exercise are open-ended non-leading questions

6 minutes: in pairs, one person will be coach and one person will be coachee and do the flash card coaching exercise

6 minutes: pairs switch

3 minutes: description of the difference between coaching, mentoring, teaching, facilitating

3 minutes: material on how to provide advice as a coach without advocating a particular plan of action

15 minutes: participants break up into groups of 3-4 people to play three 5 minute games on powerful questions, giving advice, and differentiating between coaching, mentoring, teaching, and facilitating

10 minutes: Now that participants have experienced the various aspects of coaching, give them a chance to clarify any questions prior to doing the final activity. Also, share any clarifications with the room that came up from questions asked of the roaming instructors.

15 minutes: There are two "Choose Your Own Adventure" games which participants can play in groups of 3-4 people which simulate coaching and allow them to make choices and get feedback on those choices based on if they coached when they should have coached, mentored when they should have mentored, etc. Depending on whether a group wants a challenge or not they can decide which game to play. One takes about 10 minutes and the other about 15. For this section, they get a chance to practice the individual aspects in a holistic way.

All of the games have been extensively play-tested and updated to get out the bugs and get the timing down as part of coaching workshops and short presentations.

Learning Outcome

  1. The differences between coaching, mentoring, teaching, and facilitating
  2. How to provide advice as a coach without advocating a particular option
  3. The difference between powerful questions and closed and/or leading questions
  4. How to use a coaching arc

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in exploring the coaching mode of Agile Coaching with six fun games.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No pre-requisite knowledge is required.

This workshop is standalone.

This workshop also works well as Part 1 of 2, with Take Your Coaching to the Next Level with Coaching Triggers as Part 2

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