Take Your Coaching to the Next Level with Coaching Triggers

What can we do as Coaches to resist the temptation to step in and offer advice? Coaching Triggers offer a new framework to help you stay in the coaching mode, work from the coachee’s agenda, and remain neutral. This framework was developed from years of coaching clients and training coaches.

As an Agile Coach we have four interaction modes: pure coaching (aka professional coaching), mentoring, teaching, and facilitating. When we are purely in the Coaching mindset, we are working to help the coachee come up with their own solutions. All of your mental energy should be focused on looking for opportunities to assist the coachee in moving forward in their own problem solving process.

Coaching Triggers are pairs of circumstances and corresponding techniques that help to identify how we can best help the coachee move forward. For instance, if the coachee is potentially off-rack from their stated purpose for the coaching session, that’s a trigger that indicates using the technique of orienting. Each of these triggers utilizes “powerful questions” that are open-ended, non-leading, and specific to the trigger being used.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

3 minutes: introduction to the concept of "coaching triggers"

7 minutes: introduction to the triggers: focusing, interrupting, orienting, spectating, releasing

5 minutes: demo of the triggers being used together

15 minutes: participants practice using the triggers.

During the practice, all participants will break up into pairs (with one triad if necessary)

They will each have a chance to be coach and coachee.

We will let them know it is time to switch direction after ten minutes

During each session, the coachee will describe what they want coaching on and the coach will coach them, focusing on the coaching trigger framework and techniques, looking for the circumstances that indicates the use of a trigger and then practicing the technique for that trigger.

15 minutes: we will have them form new pairs and repeat

15 minutes: debrief

When they are coaching, it doesn't matter if the session comes to a conclusion or not, so they can switch at the 10 minute mark without issue. The purpose is simply to get some experience using the coaching triggers during each 10 minutes. There is no need for supervision on the part of the instructors.

The instructors will roam the room to answer any questions on the use of the coaching triggers.

Learning Outcome

  1. Better understanding of the differences between Agile Coach and Agile Expert
  2. How coaching triggers can help you to stay in the coaching mindset
  3. Some new powerful questions
  4. Coaching Triggers: summarizing, redirecting, orienting, re-evaluating

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in learning about a new framework to help you stay in the coaching mode, work from the coachee’s agenda, and remain neutral.

Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no prerequisites for this session.

This workshop is standalone.

This workshop also works well as a Part 2 of a two-part workshop, with Coaching isn't just for Agile Coaches Anymore as Part 1.

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