How to Increase productivity of agile teams by implementing an often overlooked agile principle

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Are you an agile advocate?

  • Do you feel that your Scrum teams are not productive?
  • Do you have an urge to make changes to your Scrum teams that will flip the switch and make them efficient?
  • Do you want to build a workplace that is functional and happy?

Are you an anti-agilist?

  • Do you think Agile is a glorified waterfall?
  • Are you attending the conference looking for strong reasons to join the masses on the other side?

This talk is designed for agilists and anti-agilists - hence the presentation is not aimed at converting you one way or the other.

At Leonardo Worldwide Corporation, we constantly aim to improve the efficiency of our Engineering teams. In this talk, we present to you the problems we experienced in our Scrum teams and how we overcame them by utilizing one of the often overlooked Agile principles.

This presentation is an experience report of our journey in building multi-faceted teams through mutual transformation. You will also hear from one of our engineers on their experience in being part of this transformation.

Experience reports are not promising without metrics. And hence we have gathered metrics to present the outcome and benefits of our transformation.

You will walk away from this presentation with clear guidelines on how to build teams that are exponentially productive and happier.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

The presentation will cover

  1. How we identified opportunities to improve efficiency of our Scrum teams?
  2. Two phase strategy on mutual transformation of Specialists to Generalists in Engineering teams
  3. Our experience - challenges and lessons learnt - in executing the Mutual Transformation program in our Scrum teams.
  4. Metrics that highlights the effects of mutual transformation.
  5. One of our fellow engineers sharing their experience in being part of this transformation.

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn:

  • How to look for opportunities to improve efficiency in Scrum teams
  • How to enable equal distribution of work in Scrum Teams
  • How to execute a mutual transformation program and broaden the skillsets of Scrum teams.

Target Audience

All - anyone keen to make improve productivity and efficiency of their Agile teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Familiarity with Agile software delivery would be an asset, but not required.
  • Mindset to lead, execute or participate in a change.
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  • Steve Pereira
    Steve Pereira
    schedule 4 years ago
    Sold Out!
    40 Mins

    How can you make time for real innovation and improvement? How do you know what to automate or invest in? How do you escape process prison? How can you get everyone aligned to make a difference? How can you start to drive revenue from tech?

    This talk introduces the one technique I’ve always returned to when I need to answer those questions and drastically improve teams I’ve joined and led. You can use it right away to understand, communicate and improve your work, team or organization - whether you’re a leader or new recruit.

    Lean Value Stream Mapping (LVSM) is a software and tech focused version of a classic technique you can use right now, with materials you already have to discover opportunities, build and share your vision and save hours of toil every week so you can invest in what’s next.

    Sprinkle it on your:
    - Delivery/Data/Testing/Analytics/Logging Pipeline
    - Developer/Customer Onboarding
    - Environment Provisioning
    - Failure Recovery/Incident Management/Support Triage
    - SDLC
    - Toil/Process of choice, you get it :)
    …and start spending more time on what’s next

    I’ve come to love and use Value Stream Maps after years of struggling to find time for innovation, rally buy-in and communicate ideas, issues and risks. They’ve helped me many times go from tearing my hair out (and I have the baldness to prove it!) to knowing exactly how to level up.

  • Sue Johnston

    Sue Johnston - Make Meetings Make Sense (Even when You're NOT the Facilitator)

    60 Mins

    “We can’t make decisions or agree on priorities. So, we have the same meeting over and over. Literally, the same meeting.” If that could be said about your workplace, this interactive session is for you. Learn simple strategies and ideas for meetings that matter - those you run or those you attend.

    Too many bad meetings. That's one of the most common sources of workplace whining. Today, especially in software development and delivery, our work is too complex for one person to make all the decisions or know all the answers. Everyone's contribution is needed. So, we have meetings. And some are a painful mix of frustration and boredom. When we can’t make decisions or agree on priorities, we have the same meeting over and over.

    When we're the one hosting the meeting, there are lots of facilitation techniques we can employ to keep the discussion on track, on topic and on time so we can reach good decisions and plan effectively. But what if it's not our meeting? What can we do when we're not in charge?

    Join Sue in exploring some simple techniques you can use at your next meeting to make the experience better for you - and for others who attend.

    This new talk is inspired by several years of leading the workshop, Facilitation for the Agile Workplace, accredited by ICAgile. Learners often wonder, "What about the meetings where I don't have control?" It draws on communication and facilitation techniques I've used in a long career in business and tech. Sources will include "Mining Group Gold," "Facilitating with Ease," "Liberating Structures," and "Leading Geeks."

    It's an interactive session with an element of play - a simple board game with dice and cards.

    By the time of TAC, I will have presented this session at PRDC Deliver and will have had an opportunity to tweak it, based on that experience.

  • Akanksha  Subhendu Bhanti

    Akanksha Subhendu Bhanti / Subhendu Bhanti - Learning Compass and Evolution Guide for Scrum Masters

    90 Mins

    Big shout out to all Scrum Masters and also to the aspiring scrum masters. Do not miss this opportunity to level up your game.

    This workshop will enrich you with self awareness what's lacking and will provide all tools and tricks and conscious plan to evolve as scrum master.