Data-Driven Lean-Agile Hypothesis validation using Test-first Agile Development strategy BDD

Before you build it there has to be collaborative (360 degrees) clarity on what should be build. Who defines the MVP? How does this communicated to the delivery team? How do we know we are building the right thing and are we building it right?

I shall share the case study from one of the top airlines in Canada and how we achieved the join ownership of the feature list, across multiple stakeholders, 21 vendors with mix of Agile and traditional SDLCs.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

- What clients want?
- Tools don’t solve the problem, people do… with tools
- Use right tool in the right way
- Why Test-first?
- Collaborate, research and then create solution incrementally with data driven analysis of the given hypothesis
- How BDD Kanban can help?
- Adding data probes for feedback loops in BDD
- Going beyond BDD

Learning Outcome

How to best collaborate for MVP
Get better understanding of requirements
How BDD and ATDD can help
Effective use of Gherkin
How Test-first approach can help
Using data driven tests for hypothesis validation
Ways to provide data to Cucumber

Target Audience

Product Managers, Product Owners, Business Leaders, Technology Leaders, Dev and QA team members

Prerequisites for Attendees

Avoid Agile purist mindset and blind faith in frameworks

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