Large scale transformation: key learnings from the field

Many organizations are currently going through an Agile transformation. Unfortunately, many of them struggle to achieve the targeted benefits. Reports indicate that organization cultural issues remain the leading impediments to adopting and scaling agile. Over the last 15 years, I had the opportunity to lead agile implementations in more than 20 various size organizations, operating in a wide range of industries. More specifically , I spent the last 5 years at the heart of two top-down large scale transformation programs. As I reflect from those experiences, I identified several key learnings that I would like to share that could help you and your teams move on to the next agility level.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The structure of the presentation is

  • Introduction: background and context
  • The confusion around what kind of agility we are looking for
  • Agile Deployment strategies, looking for "horizontal slices"
  • How to structure your transformation program.
  • Cultural hacking is a must.
  • If you don't change what you measure, you will not be able to change behaviors.
  • The standardization trap
  • Key strategies to make it stick
  • The importance of proper change management

Learning Outcome

At the end of this session participants will have learned:

  • how to structure a large scale transformation program;
  • significant pitfalls to avoid and key success factors to focus and rely on when engaging in a large scale transformation program
  • various tools, techniques and strategies to help accelerate the cultural dimension of an agile transformation;
  • the important role of managers as change agents in a large scale transformation program

Target Audience

It is intended for executives, managers and everyone leading and applying changes in the organization.

Prerequisites for Attendees

I expect participants to have a basic understanding of agility at scale and also to have experience in implementing Agile in large organizations.



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