Many corporations are in the midst of deploying transformation strategies. The evolution of the Next Gen corporation is rooted with Customers, Talent, Process and Technology. Business Agility is a key driver to unlock these opportunities.
Thomson Reuters ("The Answer Company") has a history of reinventing the way professionals work. Innovation can be traced back to the mid 1800's when Reuters used carrier pigeons to transmit stock market data. However, the digital era has raised the bar on what it takes to compete and win. Thus, Thomson Reuters has evolved its own ways of working.
At the center of this corporate culture change is the Business Agility COE. This team of 15 seasoned coaches, mobilize cross-functional squads to quickly come together and solve strategic business problems. They advise, guide and demonstrate proven agile principles, practices and frameworks across the organization. Emerging from this new way of working is a flattened enterprise who puts the customer at the center of everything they do - think big, make it simple and move fast.
This presentation will focus on the journey and learnings of a large global organization. The discussion will address challenges faced by senior leadership and teams while highlighting impact stories and how to evaluate the ROI of business agility.

Outline/Structure of the Talk


• Introductions & Thomson Reuters Background
• Catalyst for Corporate Change
• Conception of the Business Agility COE
• Early Business Agility Experiments: Growth & Scaling
• The Agility Landscape Today at Thomson Reuters
• What's on the Horizon
• Key Lessons Learned

Thomson Reuters is a global organization of 25,000 employees that has offerings from tax and legal solutions to global news publications.
We have a team of 15 Business Agility Coaches that reports into the Head of Business Agility who in turn reports to the Chief People Officer. Within the course of our day, we will be involved in coaching and conversations from the teams at the front of the organization to the C-Suite.

Learning Outcome

• Leadership mindset needed to evolve the organizations ways of working
• Ruthless prioritization across enterprise activities to maximize customer and business value
• How to evolve agility from initiative experiments to business as usual pilots and then organizational scale-up

Target Audience

Leaders, Coaches, Culture Champions

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding of agility practices and mindset

Awareness of business agility


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