All agile projects work alongside teams that don't run Agile. How can these teams better prepare themselves to align, support and benefit from the Agile framework. This session looks at how teams that don't produce software can benefit from the Agile framework to increase collaboration, communication and foster a great culture based on continuous improvement.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Applying team values and team working agreements to non-software development teams

Developing any output in increments

Using Agile ceremonies for non-software development teams

Learning Outcome

Participants will walk away understanding:

  • Ways to implement Agile for non-software development teams
  • How to utilize ceremonies for BAU work
  • The power of breaking working into increments
  • Using all of these tools to create an environment of continuous improvement

Target Audience

Team leaders, Agile support teams, scrum masters, executives

Prerequisites for Attendees

Have a basic understanding of the Agile framework and the benefits that Agile brings to teams and organizations.

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  • Tushaar Sharma

    Tushaar Sharma / Marjan Pouran - Is Agile a reality in IT Infrastructure Projects?

    40 Mins

    Over last couple of years enterprises have adopted Agile delivery for their technology-based projects in programming and development and now with the concept of end to end business agility there are certain participants in delivery which are not yet delivering in Agile way and one the most critical one is IT Infrastructure services.

    In this session, we will review a type of IT Infrastructure project and elaborate gained benefits as a use case so that leaders and organizations achieve Business Agility.

    The session will provide 10 minutes for attendees to share their experience or ask questions.