The Good Fight (Business Agility – Impact Stories from the Trenches)

Business agility in a corporation can feel like a battlefield. Between leadership turf wars and corporate landmines, you can never fully predict what you might be getting yourself into next. Hence, taking a page from the military and evolving "command and control" to "agility, focus, and convergence" and positioning servant leadership to empower front-line decisions is critical to navigate corporate complexity and deliver customer value with speed and precision.

Thomson Reuters created a Business Agility Center of Excellence (COE) to transform the organization from a slow hierarchy structure to a new flatter innovative culture that is closer to the customer. The COE leveraged and adjusted Agile Principles to accommodate non-technical business teams like sales, marketing, customer success, and more. The goal of the transformation is to change leadership mindsets and operating cadence to improve customer growth, speed, and talent while creating an adaptable learning mindset across the business. By aligning OKRs across the company, the Business Agility COE had to learn and adjust practices, tools and approach based on the complex scenarios in a global business. Faced with an array of challenges, the COE also had to drive focus and convergence on impact along the way. Join a panel of TR Business Agility Coaches while they share their experiences from the trenches and field audience questions.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

Thomson Reuters is a global organization of 25,000 employees that has offerings from tax and legal solutions to global news publications. We have a team of 15 Business Agility Coaches that reports into the Head of Business Agility who in turn reports to the Chief People Officer. Within the course of our day, we will be involved in coaching and conversations from the teams at the front of the organization to the C-Suite.
We believe our team is uniquely situated to share a broad variety of learnings, successes, and stories from the trenches which can relate to a variety of audiences based on the diversity within our team and the types of interactions we all have on a daily basis.
Our vision for this session is to have 4 of our coaches in more of a panel format.
As far as a session flow:
- Brief overview
- Common Questions that our COE gets asked
• How do you know where to start with Business Agility?
• How do you build trust with business leaders?
• What methods and practices are best for non-IT teams?
• What have been the biggest blockers to coaching business teams?
• What is the difference in coaching strategic initiatives vs transforming operating models?
• How do you effectively measure and communicate the impact being made?
- Audience Q&A
- Invitation to continue the conversation
We envision half of this would be a presentation and half would be interactive audience discussion with the Panel of experts.

Learning Outcome

• Where to start and how to engage leaders and teams?
• What methods work best with business teams and how to deal with common blockers?
• How do you effectively measure and communicate the business agility and coaching impact?

Target Audience

Leaders, Coaches, Culture Champions

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding of agility practices and mindset

Awareness of business agility


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