We Should Build Heroes - Making The People That Make The Difference

Agile needs more Badass.

If you are dealing with Agile, chances are good that you’ve evolved your entire career on technical skill and wisdom. One day, you started pair programming, or mob programming, and delivering in sprints and increments and adopting all of these ceremonies down in the windowless sub-basement of the “Development Team Room”.

But now that Agile is spreading, we need to be able to change minds and hearts. To influence and persuade, to inspire and ignite….and we need to do it in every department and at every level of our organization - and perhaps beyond.

But they didn’t teach those kinds of skills down in the boiler room. They didn’t tell you you that your Agile knowledge nominated you to be the next generation of leaders.

So how can you improve your game? How can you learn to step up and perform like the heroes we see everywhere in our culture?

Let me share with you the lessons I’ve learned from my time learning from the military’s finest and as a boxing instructor about the simplest, most effective way to lead your Agile organization. Let me make you the Badass you know you want to be. Let me show you how we create heroes.

In this session, I’ll teach you why you need to go back to the Agile basics you already know, and reset your focus on fundamentals - and I’ll give you a simple system to learn, remember and follow:

Get Visionary.
Get Focused
Get Humble, Get Flexible
Get Gritty.

These 4 fundamentals will give you everything you need to Get Badass, so we can build the heroes we need to make our clients and customers happier, better and more successful. If you are a traditional or fledgling leader, struggling to gain influence and impact with your people and decision makers, you’ll want to take part in this session!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

As a 60 minute session it would likely run as this:

Introduction and Prelude "I can make you great in 5 minutes” -
-What I learned from US Navy SEALs (and getting punched in the mouth) (5min)
-A Demonstration on The Power of Fundamentals (5 min)

Part 1 (15 mins) - The Problem
- The Same Old Problems
- The Same Old Solutions
- What Makes A True Leader: Vision and Service
- The Causes of Inaction and Wrong Action

Part 2 (20 mins) - The Way of the Badass
- Enter The Badass: Dirty Harry Takes On Agile
- The Way of The Badass:
- Get Visionary
- Get Focused
- Get Humble/Get Flexible
- Get Gritty

Part 3 (15 mins)
- Practice, and the Long-Game
-The true source of influence and persuasion
- Outcomes - Becoming The Person Others Want To Follow - A 30-Day Mindset and Habit Practice to Make you More Badass

Learning Outcome

After this session, attendees will be able to:
-Apply a "fundamentals to perfection" technique to powerfully accelerate your leadership development
-Understand how the Agile skills they already know serve as a model for their development as a Badass Leader
-Describe and immediately use the simple, repeatable fundamentals for leader development - (Get Visionary, Get Focused, Get Humble/Flexible, and Get Gritty!) to reduce the stress and confusion of the Agile knowledge landscape - and become effective with your teams and customers now.
-Recognize, model, and develop the qualities and charisma of a Badass leader that make others want to follow them
-Reinforce their learning through experience with a set of next steps that they can use in their daily practice.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Scrum/Agile Fundamentals

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  • Chris Williams

    Chris Williams - Binge-Listen to This: Your Agile Podcast Could Change the Future

    Chris Williams
    Chris Williams
    Podcaster, Coach
    Badass Agile
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    90 Mins

    Podcasting is back, and its on fire.

    Initially more of a toy than a tool, podcasts are magnetizing audiences in every demographic. Busy executives are subscribing in waves….your parents have their own show….what’s going on?

    For the first time, YOU have a direct line to the minds of hundreds of millions of people… and they want your unique voice. And that's exactly what we need more of as we try to improve agile adoption and effectiveness. The exciting part is that companies are increasingly using podcasts as part of a multi-channel strategy to communicate and spread ideas internally. Are you ready?

    Skip the web searches and let a veteran show you the way. In this session, the host ofThe Badass Agile Podcastwill show you how he went from a fan base of one (his best friend Kevin) to reaching practitioners in over 90 countries twice a week. You’ll learn what's new in podcasting, why it's working, and how you can use it to make change in your organization…and to help evolve the future of our craft and our community.

    We’ll go through a real example of how it was used to improve agile adoption in one of the world's largest services firms, and maybe even share the secrets of acquiring massive creative firepower and delivering game-ending tone.

  • Julianne Jones

    Julianne Jones / Dennis Stevens - Assumptions & Ambiguity be Damned: Developing a Strategy to Embrace Change

    90 Mins

    Accelerated market changes, digital disruption and the meteoric rise in the consumption of digital services has expanded the boundaries of yesteryear’s strategic planning capabilities. Fueled by tech savvy customers, the demand for pervasive connectivity and desire for continuous content is spanning the pallet of the digital experience; namely leveraging mobility, big data, the cloud and the internet of things (IOT). These digital strategies are increasing interdependencies and exacerbating the strain on execution.

    Strategic planning often falls short because it’s not as fluid as it needs to be.

    We must consider the abundance of assumptions generated about markets as well as an organization’s capacity to execute. These assumptions often miss the mark when attempting to keep pace with the ever-changing demand, desires and expectations of our shareholders and valued customers. Agile provides the opportunity to create the requisite adaptability to validate and adapt to as we understand our ability to deliver and the realizable value of our strategies.

    This talk is targeted at senior managers and business driving executives seeking to understand how to leverage Agile to improve Strategic Execution. LeadingAgile will show how to build market sensing into strategic planning, design an execution model to provide valuable feedback, and display how to prioritize learning to maximize return. The LeadingAgile blueprint has been developing over years. This model has successfully responded to the assumptions and ambiguity facing firms; addressing failure patterns in portfolio planning and ensuring the explicit alignment to market demand, product fit, governance and successful delivery.

    The reality is that it’s not that simple, but we have the framework and modeling that can help.