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Have you ever been on a team, continually writing code and releasing features but feel lost? Or that you and your team don't know why you are doing what you're doing? Or how your contributions impact your company strategy? 

Have you ever experienced coming up with a beautiful feature that separates you from your competitors and implemented it, and then find out later your customers haven't been using it at all? 

Have your senior executives and company spoken about a new vision and initiatives, only to have it languish for months in never-ending discussions?

Most people start their Agile transformations to deliver very fast. However, a lot of transformations seem to get stuck on the outputs. Organizations typically celebrate success when their teams continually release by target dates. However, continually releasing to your customers by a date doesn't guarantee you're getting the right business outcomes for success. So how do you go from outputs to outcomes? Well, let us introduce you to Mobius Loop.

What is Mobius Loop? It's a radically simple way to get to the outcomes that matter. It acts as a navigator, creating a continuous flow of innovation from discovery to design, to delivery, using whatever Agile process or scaling method you happen to use.

In this interactive workshop, you'll be playing the Infinite Loop game. You will learn how to use Mobius to customize your own innovation and outcome delivery process. We will introduce to the Mobius Loop Navigator's key concepts through gameplay with one team winning a prize at the end. But more importantly, everyone will leave with a navigation tool that can enable teams and organizations to catapult themselves from peripheral outputs to successful customer outcomes and business impact.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction to Mobius Loop
  • Introduction to the Infinity Game board and rules
  • Gameplay
  • Debrief - key takeaways from the game.
  • Awarding of prize


Learning Outcome

  • Get an introductory understanding of the Mobius Loop by playing a game.
  • Learn how you can apply Mobius Loop into your Agile processes, no matter what they are.
  • Start applying what you’ve learned to various situations at work.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, coaches, team members, delivery managers, product managers, program managers, senior executives

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Basic knowledge of Agile approaches like Scrum or Kanban
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  • Paul Tevis

    Paul Tevis - Drafting a Leadership Vision: Enable Your Team to Achieve Breakthrough Results (by Changing Your Behavior)

    Paul Tevis
    Paul Tevis
    Coach & Facilitator
    Vigemus Consulting
    schedule 10 months ago
    Sold Out!
    90 Mins

    "Leadership is the process of creating an environment in which people become empowered.”

    – Jerry Weinberg

    In the Agile world, leaders can struggle to provide clarity and direction for their teams. Particularly when they are expected to deliver breakthrough business results, leaders often do not see how to lead in an Agile way. They may waver between rigid command-and-control practices and a chaotic laissez-faire style. What these leaders need is a vision to steer them between the Scylla and Charybdis of these two approaches and empower their team.

    In this interactive workshop, you will create a draft of a Leadership Vision. This tool clarifies what results leaders are steering towards. It also reveals the behaviors their teams need to exhibit to get there. Finally, it shows leaders how they need to change their own behaviors to adjust the team’s course. This provides a map to acting toward a new reality. 

    If you are a leader in an organization, you can use this workshop to draft your own Leadership Vision. (If not, you can draft one for a leader you work with.) You will get feedback on your vision to bring it into even sharper focus. You will leave the session with a plan for empowering your team to achieve the results your organization needs.

  • Nawaz Butt

    Nawaz Butt - Cumulative flow diagrams (CFD) – Do’s and Don’ts

    40 Mins

    The CFD is growing in popularity in the agile community and has been called a successor to the Scrum burn-down chart. It’s a  very effective tool as it  provides a better visualization and typical information for critical decision making.  Furthermore, CFD can help you improve your process by providing insights into issues and by identifying potential bottlenecks.

    In this session, we’ll look at the different patterns, behaviors and examples of CFD, reviewing what each represents, and how can they be used in both a Kanban and Scrum context.


  • 60 Mins

    The Agile Manifesto came out in 2001. It’s all about teams. And yet, HR processes still focus on individuals. A few years ago, companies in Europe started to ask questions on how Agile affects HR, specifically in performance management and reward & recognition. In the US, this exercise only started recently, even though there were a few voices raising and answering these questions early on. In this interactive talk, we dare you to open the HR pandora’s box and go on a tour with us as we share with you how we navigate the HR waters to increase your business agility. We hope you would be courageous enough to join us in driving this transition in your organisations.

  • Sandeep Joshi

    Sandeep Joshi - Champion the new normal with Sustainable Agile Manifesto

    Sandeep Joshi
    Sandeep Joshi
    Enterprise Transformation Coach
    schedule 10 months ago
    Sold Out!
    40 Mins

    Exponential growth in the coronavirus has led to exponential change across multiple dimensions of how we work. It exposed some of the deep-rooted problems of our obsession with growth and capitalism. The changes introduced by this crisis are extraordinary and fundamentally reshaping our beliefs and behaviors. The need for agility has never been greater. With the current state of 'everything' agile, we need a shift towards a more sustainable and inclusive growth model that covers all parts of the ecosystem i.e. customers, employees, stakeholders, society, and nature. That's the promise of the Manifesto for Sustainable Agile - championing the new normal for everyone.