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So many frameworks, So many rules, so much stuff to select, learn, and apply. Which framework should you choose? Which tools should you buy? Whose version is the right one?

In the past ten years, there's been SO much study, research, and documentation about best practices that we may have lost sight of the mark. Doing our best work, making people awesome, and optimizing throughput of high-quality, high-value product hinges on a mere few, simple principles.
Confusion ensues because no two organizations, products, or teams, are quite alike. Perhaps because we crave a one-size-fits-all solution, we end up with too many options and too much complexity in implementation.
But to be supported and embraced, your initial approach needs to be simple. Forget the fancy stuff for a minute—let's make sure we've got our fundamentals down.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Why all the complexity?  What enablement really looks like (10 min)
  • The source of bigness and resistance (10 min)
  • Why the best sports teams drill on fundamentals (5 min)
  • What are the fundamentals of agility? (15 min)
  • A Framework that works - It's all about adaptation and customization (15 min)
  • QA 

Learning Outcome

  • Connect with the true fundamentals of agility
  • Be prepared to deal with and overcome resistance and complexity drift
  • Have techniques for letting go of the need for complexity and clarity
  • Be equipped with a simple and lasting technique for moving any new team from chaos to effectiveness

Target Audience

New and experienced Agile practitioners who: Struggle with resistance to agile at the team, manager, or organizational level. Seek a more organic approach to introducing change in a way that encourages greater traction and success Managers and Executives who: Want strategies for getting Agile to stick in change-averse and scaled environments Want to champion Agile by understanding and managing its human success factors SESSION OUTLINE:

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