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Before the pandemic, medium-to-large sized organizations approached transformations with a carefully crafted multi-year view. Businesses focused first on the development of a targeted end-state, and then it's delivery through the execution. This created a silo when developing the strategy vs. executing it. The pandemic is demanding a much higher degree of business agility due to unpredictability. Businesses must align the ever-changing customer needs with an ever-shrinking time-to-market. There is need to drive organizational transformations with an iterative mindset towards a scalable culture of innovation.

Through this workshop, I will share an approach to develop a transformation strategy, which can be pivoted to match the changes in market needs. I will also share the governance needed to scale the strategy at an enterprise level. I have developed this approach over the last year and have field tested it with the clients in three industries.

I will run the workshop in a highly engaged manner with the audience. The material will be supported by the latest industry data and mini case-studies from its practical application at the client firms. I will share a mix of theory (the approach) based on a practical world-view (data, market research) and direct practical application to delivery business agility (mini-case studies). The focus will be to provide audience with practical takeaways, which can be directly applied at their organizations. The end result for the audience will be a step-by-step approach towards developing highly-adaptable business models, as we settle down for a possible wave-2.

The audience level can be a mix of intermediate and advanced. I can adjust the delivery as needed, based on the audience engagement and reaction.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Including the audience engagement:

  • Organizational transformation and how they have evolved during COVID - 10 mins
  • Parts of the transforming strategy - 20 mins
  • Parts of the transforming governance - 20 mins
  • Other considerations to scale - 5 mins
  • Wrap up/ Q&A - 5 mins

Learning Outcome

  • What factors are impacting business success during the pandemic?
  • What perspectives are needed to successfully transform towards business agility and a culture of innovation?
  • What is the practical approach towards a scalable, results-driven business model, during the unpredictability?

Target Audience

Decision makers interested in transforming their organizations to deal with the pandemic's unpredictability and developing highly-adaptable business.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some experience with business/ digital transformations in any capacity at their organizations will be helpful context.

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