Agile 360 - Quite a fascinating thought process that made me fall in love with agile. I am going to be totally transparent about the origination of the concept. The concept was inspired from a local barber shop where my passion for agile and learning's for agile originated. The barber never did any certifications nor went to business school but he had a 360 degree view of the customers and the pulse of the ecosystem that made him grow everyday, happily.

Agile , ok! what's this Agile 360? 360 is synonymous with feedback for most of us. I know whenever someone say 360 our mind resonates and switches to one of the most difficult or annoying meetings of our work life ( performance feedback) Right?!  One of the main reason for everyone to dislike those meetings probably comes from the fact that organizations tend to think 360 degree feedback means gathering feedback from everyone in and around and discussing it with the employee. That's about it. But is it? Not really! Only when the entire process ,ecosystem and the journey around it becomes 360, performance reviews can truly be beautiful and valuable.

Same with journey of agile isn't it, organizations are so struck with 180 degree view ( that we chose to see)imagining that we are truly agile and keep moving forward primarily focusing on frameworks, delivery, functional impediments, metrics, roles and responsibilities but there is more to it and much more to it, the barber i know would argue. And in addition there are blind spots as well !

So this session will be about providing perspectives about the 360 degree view of an agile ecosystem( along with the learning's from the barber). Should be little bit fun isn't it ? I am excited to share my learning's about the barber who changed my perception. What about you? 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Presentation- 25 min

Q and A - 15 min

Learning Outcome

Understand what's agile 360

Gather perspectives around building the right agile ecosystem

There is so much agile to learn from a common man

Agile should become a habit rather than being a hobby

Target Audience

Leaders, Agile coaches, Product owners, Scrum masters and Agile enthusiasts

Prerequisites for Attendees

Passion for Agile 

Continuous improvement mindset

Those who love learning from life 

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  • Rehana Rajwani

    Rehana Rajwani - Organizational Physics - What can we learn from Newton?

    Rehana Rajwani
    Rehana Rajwani
    Director, Agile Catalyst
    schedule 6 months ago
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    40 Mins

    Physics is everywhere - I'm sure you've heard that. If you're an engineer or simply an unexplainably logical person, this conversation is meant for you!

    Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves. Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines and, through its inclusion of astronomy, perhaps the oldest discipline overall.

    Given the above, it's amazing how physics has been minimally explored in its impact to organizational behaviour and structure. Being an engineer, I was curious and have been exploring how the laws of physics impact the maturity of agile and the organizational culture. I look forward to sharing this information with you in a fun and engaging way!

  • Nawaz Butt

    Nawaz Butt - Cumulative flow diagrams (CFD) – Do’s and Don’ts

    40 Mins

    The CFD is growing in popularity in the agile community and has been called a successor to the Scrum burn-down chart. It’s a  very effective tool as it  provides a better visualization and typical information for critical decision making.  Furthermore, CFD can help you improve your process by providing insights into issues and by identifying potential bottlenecks.

    In this session, we’ll look at the different patterns, behaviors and examples of CFD, reviewing what each represents, and how can they be used in both a Kanban and Scrum context.