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Every truly agile team performs a dance as they explore the problem space. Through this dance we discover how to connect with each other and converge on solutions while navigating the puzzle of understanding the problem. As we do this we discover ...

  • How to traverse our differences without becoming divisive?
  • How to work within scrum, kanban, or other method of choice?
  • How to tap into our innate human skills to connect and align?
  • How we sometimes fail ... then pick ourselves up again.

The art of coming together as a team is a dance of connection, inclusion, and understanding. This is the heart of agility.

Join us to experientially explore answers to these questions:

  1. How do we connect, so we really click? How can we do it faster?
  2. When we haven't yet connected, what prevents us from feeling included?
  3. How can our inclusiveness accelerate our connection and amplify our agility?
  4. What can I do today to take responsibility for creating more inclusion, especially in our current virtual environments?

Note: You’re going to get 10x more out of this if you’re fluent with the responsibility process or at least go see the preparatory video that will be posted a couple weeks in advance.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • 5 mins - Intro & level set 
  • 20 mins - Activity & debrief - Experiencing and understanding the presence or absence of inclusion. 
  • 10 mins - Quick review of The Responsibility Process
  • 10 mins - Discussion - Making the connection between responsibility, diversity, and inclusion.
  • 20 mins - Activity & debrief - Identify opportunities to practice, with focus on frequency (daily vs random)
  • 20 mins - Activity & debrief - Choose one of the previously identified opportunities and practice. (Repeat practice as time allows)
  • 5 mins - Close & Call to action

Learning Outcome

  • There’s a sending and receiving side to inclusion. (i.e. Do I include another versus do I feel included by them?)
  • Inclusion is human connection, and not an external thing that can be compelled.
  • Feeling unsafe often shuts down inclusiveness. How we choose to respond can reopen or slam the door on inclusiveness.
  • Fighting over the lack of inclusion, in fact, creates divisiveness

Target Audience

Are you interested in diversity, inclusion, and connection? Are you willing to do something about it? Would you like to make a difference every day? Then join us!

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • The only hard prerequisite for this session is a desire to make a difference and willingness to be the change you want to see in the world.
  • Ideally, participants are conversant with The Responsibility Process.
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