Hansel and Gretel - where are the breadcrumbs on this agile journey?

agilists! - Do you at times feel lost on your journey to agility? In need of some breadcrumbs to guide you? Does it sometimes feel like you might have been lured into the gingerbread house of scrum-fall?


Themed after the infamous fairy tale we will discover 3 of the most prevalent conflicts:


  1. Benefits of agility (which direction is home): don’t do agile for the sake of doing it - understand why you are on this journey, 
  2. Where is the path (breadcrumbs)? how to use indicators, but for guidance, not for control
  3. Pitfalls (how to escape the gingerbread house): making sure scrum-fall doesn’t start to look like “home”, and how to break free you’ve been locked up


As we all know, these points are connected and highly nuanced, and this session will help you gain clarity: where are you going, how do you make sure you’re in fact going there, and how to not settle for make-belief...



Outline/Structure of the Workshop


  • Introduction to speaker and background (5m)
  • Where is home? (20m)
      • Introduction/connection exercise: meet and greet people at your table and discuss opening question (5m)
      • Brief presentation about benefits of agility (5m)
      • Practice at tables: create your agile benefit statement (10m)
      • Share (5m)
  • Breadcrumbs? (15m)
      • Brief presentation on indicators (8m)
      • Practice at tables: create our own score card using a cheat sheet (takeaway) (5m)
      • Close: How do you do on your neighbours score card? (2m)
  • Gingerbread house? (15m)
      • Brief presentation about common pitfalls, like scrum-fall and the importance of incremental delivery, non-cross-functional teams, non permanent teams, etc. (5m)
      • Practice at tables: make an action plan for breaking free from your gingerbread house (10m)
      • Close: 3 action plans shared with group (5min)
  • Close, Q&A (5m)


Learning Outcome

  • Which direction is home: As Scrum Masters, managers, and agile pioneers you will develop a single sentence to articulate why YOU are on a journey to agility. This sentence will help you create clarity for yourself and others about which direction your organization is taking, and why 
  • You will be able to acquire leadership support more easily by articulating the benefits of agility to senior leadership in a way that is relevant to them
  • Based on a specific purpose, you will select a mix of leading and lagging indicators that help you decide if and how to course correct your agile journey (of course this is just a start, and you will refine this list after you get home)
  • You will be able to identify if/when you are doing scrum-fall: waterfall delivery in sprints, and you will take home some suggestions what steps may help you break free.
  • Finally, but most importantly, the parallel to the Hansel and Gretel fairy tail will make for loads of fun, and you will leave refreshed, inspired, and with lasting memories of metaphors of Scrum done well

Target Audience

New agilists wanting to move to the next level


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