Are we there yet? - The endless quest of benchmarking agility

Are you agile yet? - Let’s talk about what agile means, and how to quantify it’s value. Because that is what your CEO, VP, and little brother wants to know, isn’t it?


This talk will not simply discuss a set of metrics to measure performance of teams. Rather it is about gaining a better understanding of what different types of metrics exist, how practices, culture, capabilities and benefits interact, and learning to choose the right type of metric for the right purpose. In this context the concepts discussed apply both to the team, team of teams as well as to the organizational level.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This topic is structured as a workshop to allow for the audience to discover the subject matter through exercises. This will make sure that the conversation is not overly academic, and that participants have a chance to get a hands on experience interact with the issues discussed, develop questions and concerns and have an opportunity to challenge and scrutinize, as well as contribute to the discussion and content presented.


  • Opening Exercise & Introduction: quick exercise to connect the audience to the topic, then introduce the speakers and the topic (exercise and short presentation - 5 min)
  • Content: speakers will take the audience through a series of exercises to discover the topic (interactive presentation and exercises - 20 minutes)
  • Discovering existing resources: interactive conversation with audience resulting in an inventory of benchmarking models and tools that are available (interactive conversation - 10 minutes)

Next Steps, Q&A, Close: Presenters will wrap up the talk with a quick reflection period, and will provide the opportunity to ask questions and make comments. Then we will wish everyone farewell (interactive conversation - 5 minutes)

Learning Outcome

Participants will be able to explain the difference between leading and lagging indicators, respectively between cause, capability, and effect

Participants will be able to select and institute meaningful indicators to assess and communicate health of an agile transformation

Participants will be able to express the value proposition of agility to senior leadership in terms of benefits and capabilities

Target Audience

agile leaders and ambassadors

Prerequisites for Attendees

basic understanding of what agility is

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