Hacking Organizational Design for High Performance

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Many organizations are interested in upgrading their organizational design so that they can be more adaptable to meet emerging customer needs and thrive in the competitive business landscape. The common questions are what design or blueprint to use and how to transform the organization to the new structures? These questions and the mindset behind them are deadly blocks for high performance. 


Organizations all over the world, in all kinds of industries have reached high performance. We have cracked the code on how to hack the organizational design to create high performance. The only way to create an adaptive emergent organization is to use an adaptive emergent process. We outline the key steps and shifts needed to initiate the evolution of high performance. These include a shift in the consciousness or mindset of the leadership to support the greater psychological safety needed to share decision making and run experiments. As a practical take-away, we offer the seven keys to Agile Transformation that can be applied at any stage of the journey to unlock success.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The session will be a talk supported by polls and infographics. There will be an extended Q&A period at the end.

Learning Outcome

- Explain the use of organizational design blueprints and the expected outcomes

- Describe the role of approach and mindset in creating a high-performance organizational
- Identify three characteristics of an emergent approach to organizational design
- List key shifts needed in leadership to support an emergent approach
- Identify practical next steps using the Agile Transformation Keys

Target Audience

Leaders, Managers, Coaches

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