Cloud Data Pipelines for Genomics from a Bioinformatician and a Developer

location_city Sydney schedule Dec 7th 09:00 - 10:00 AM place Red Room people 454 Interested

Dr.Bauer and her team have been working to build genome-scale data pipelines that address the computational challenges and limits present in today’s cancer genomic (bioinformatics) data workflows.

Dr. Bauer and her team have built solutions which use modern architectures, such as serverless (AWS Lambda) and also customised machine learning on Apache Spark. AWS Community Hero and cloud architect Lynn Langit is also collaborating with the CSIRO team to push solutions at the cutting edge of bioinformatic research which best utilise advances in cloud technologies..

In this demo-filled session Lynn and Denis will discuss and demonstrate some of the latest cloud data pipeline work that they’ve been working together to build out for the bioinformatics community.


Target Audience

Data analysts, software engineers, architects and anyone with an interest in cloud based solutions, lambda functions or genome research.


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