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This workshop is aimed at the people new to Neo4j but curious about what graphs can do for them and their business. In this highly practical session we'll explore what a graph database is and how data modelling works for graphs. We will also touch on a little graph theory and DBMS architecture for depth.

The workshop is split into multiple sessions, each with substantial practical elements - so bring your laptop!



Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Intro to world of graphs and Neo4j
  • First steps in Cypher
  • Hands on Cypher
  • Data Import with Cypher
  • Build and run a movie graph application
  • Resources and wrap up

Learning Outcome

By the end of the day delegates will feel comfortable designing graph models and performing some powerful queries in the openCypher language. We will also develop an understanding of how it all fits together in an enterprise context.

Target Audience

Software engineers, data engineers and anyone interested in learning about Neo4j.

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Laptop with wifi-internet access.
  • An internet connection
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